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by Lala
Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1704715
A teenage assasin with no choice.
Assist an Assasin. By Alisha.J.Geary.

I was handed a gun at 6-years old. It was the aftermath of my birthday party and my mother and father were clearing the table, the cake's crumbs scattered across the

cardboard in the centre. I watched them, remembering how pieces of my cake had been given to the other children my age.

I'd watched them darkly, furiosity bubbling in the pit of my stomach. It was my cake, mine and nobody else's but still my parents hacked pieces off of my cake,

sharing them round. They ignored my enraged protests and my desperate tears. They ignored me.

"Don't be greedy." my mother whispered in my ear after everyone had left, her lovely dark, wavy hair tickeling my skin. Those were the last words I heard before the

big men clad in black smashed through the living room windows.

The glass sprayed everywhere. Her screams sounded in my ears, hands clutching me tightly to her chest. I watched with a deadly calm, my childish brain not

comprehending the situation as a group of men in black circled my father.

"Run, Marjorie!" he choked out, his handsome face aghast with worry. The men tied his hands behind his back and I felt her behind me, shaking with soundless sobs.

He looked up at us then and I smiled warmly at him, her tears dripping into my hair.

"Want a toy, little girl?" A raspy voice filled my ears and I felt her hands torn from me. I turned and spotted her also surrounded by a group of men, also tied up. her

luminiscent green eyes wide. She was paler then her usual pale.

A dark man stood at my side. I couldn't see his face but I smiled, enjoying the party game. I nodded to his question, excited at the prospect of receiving another

birthday present.

A chuckle sounded from him and his gloved hands came out from behind his back. The man pressed an L-shaped black, metal object in my raised hand. It felt heavy for such a small object and I appraised it seriously.

"Point this side to your lovely father over there," he prompted, arranging the object properly in my small hands,"and you'll win the game!" A smile lit my chubby face.

"No!Lucy!" One of the men clapped his hand on my fathers face and I giggled. The innocent sound rang around the chaotic room.

"I have to, daddy, I want to win!" The man placed my little finger on the trigger of the gun. Her screams hit my ears as I pulled the trigger.

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