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by Lala
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Girl wakes up from coma. Different girl.
I.O.U-I.LUV.U. By Alisha. J.Geary.

Crash. Coma.




April Fool's Day. Waking up.

I was conscious of my eyes stinging, my head pounding, my body screaming for movement and my heart aching.

I didn't understand these feelings especially the last one. I didn't understand anything. Vanessa ROCHELLA. Yes, that's my name but what were the names of my family members, my friends, my teachers, my dog?

I opened my stinging eyes, it seemed like the right thing to do. I could see now but my brain wouldn't comprehend. In some part of my mind, I knew everything. I was in a hospital, waking up from a three-month coma from saving my true love's life. I was a hero but also an idiot. I had saved Kevin Morosell's life but forfeited my memory of....................everything.

I watched confused as a man and woman watched me with wary but relieved eyes. My mind knew these were my beloved parents but my heart held me prisoner. My heart told me I didn't know these people because my heart held no love for them. I realised my heart ached because it just didn't feel right. I was wrong for it.

I wrenched my sweating, pale hands out of the woman's hands and placed them on my heart.

"Who are you people?!" I shrieked. My mind told me the answer. The tall, bespectacled man with a crooked nose and warm blue eyes was my father, Jim ROCHELLA. The short, round woman with brown, curly hair and startling green eyes was my mother, Susuan ROCHELLA. But in my heart I knew this assessment was wrong. If they were my parents, how come I didn't love them.

And in my mind I also knew the answer to this. This heart wasn't mine.

The bad news was delivered by a guy doctor who tried to appear as if he'd never gotten any bad news in his thirty-something years. Heart transplant. I hadn't even known such a thing was possible to exist. It was like they scooped out a large part of me, the part that made me...me.
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