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by Adrian
Rated: E · Serial · Comedy · #1704769
High school is great, right Chandler?

Ep.1 – The one where school ends


The students are together for the last time in a classroom.

Chandler: You know, for the first time in eight years, I feel... big.

Lindsay: Big? Like... big?

Chandler: No, no, like Big Daddy... I feel mature.

Clint: You’re not mature... You’re not even „ma”...

Chandler: You’re the one to talk? You still play with your light storm something... troopers...

Clint: You played with them last week!

Chandler: (for three seconds, he looks mad at Clint, but then he smiles)... I know, they’re so great!

Lindsay: And you don’t have a girlfriend, huh? How the hell is this even possible? (sarcastic smile)

Chandler: Oh, Lindsay, you’re such a lovely... lady, sometimes. You know we're waiting for the special ones.

Clint: Shut up, shut up right now!

Lindsay: And what if the special ones... are just not that into boys?

Chandler: Why? Why? Why? I mean, why? Why?

Lindsay: Calm down, I made a joke. (laughs)

Chandler: Why? Why?

Lindsay: Don’t worry, you'll meet the... special one...

Clint: And what if we don’t?

Lindsay: Then you’ll have to... look around!

(Clint and Chandler look at each other, and then they freak out)

Lindsay: Yeah, and you're just fifteen... You're to young for love... and stuff.

Chandler: Oh, no, but we love the stuff!

Clint: We're just some sapiens looking for some other sapiens!

Chandler: You mean homo sapiens.

Clint: Nu uh.
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