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Through the darkness/Shines a little light/No more than a match/But I run to it...
Alone in the world
Lost in the dark
Not sure where I am
Where I’ve been
Or where I’m going

Why am I here?
Why can’t I escape?
I’m on the path of my life
With no idea why

Through the darkness
Shines a little light
No more than a match
But I run to it

As I sit there next to it
I realize where I am
And oh, I don’t like it
Please, I beg, please
Anywhere but here

Trapped in the past
Surrounded by memories
My heart sinks more
Each passing second

Please, I scream
Please get me out of here
Phantom words echo all around
Burning my heart every time

Tears pour down my face
I scream to the darkness
And I try to run
Anywhere but here

But I’m caged here
Trapped in my own hell
With nowhere to go
And I collapse to the ground

The tiny match light
Struggles to stay alive
Darkness soon swallows it
And I can only think,
“Oh God, this is the end”

I lay there on the ground
Shrouded in the darkness
Alone, with only my thoughts
And I realize something

This isn’t the end, oh no
It’s just the beginning
I don’t need to be here
I can forget all this hell

So I stand up and walk away
Never ever looking back
And ahead of me I see
A new, bright flame
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