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                                      REVENGE OF THE SALMON
3010 A.D. was a dreadful year.

During the last century the earth had undergone massive changes.
The severe climate changes in the period 2010 to 2040 resulted in massive flooding . Entire cities were devastated. Volcanic eruption, after volcanic eruption darkened the sky.

Clouds of volcanic ash over a thirty year period reduced sunlight to less than ten
percent.air travel in fact all transportation became increasingly difficult and finally
impossible. Temperatures began to drop, all crops failed. A mini- ice age occurred, animals and people starved or froze to death. Governments collapsed , civilization ceased to function.

The people that endured fought each other to the death for survival. The final tribe
remaining was the family of David Suzuki III. He and his extended family relocated to the extreme southern part of Costa Rica in the province of Carbi, adjacent to Panama
Their grandfather David Suzuki, the eminent naturalist turned doomsday philosopher
wisely prepared for his family by carefully selecting the safest region in the world. He constructed a virtual fortress of concrete buildings heated with thermal energy piped up from the earth’s  subsurface hot springs; the same heat generated electrical energy sufficient to light the enclave.

He stockpiled provisions including several tonnes of wheat, rice, and corn in dry form,as well as  equal amounts of canned and dried vegetables, fruits, and meats. Heallowed for enough provisions for twenty people for 80 years.19 members ate through the provisions, but no food grew in its place. The family was down to a  single survivor, Linda Suzuki. She just watched her husband die, he refused to eat for the past two months leaving the remaining meagre food for Linda and the others.
This was the final day, Linda picked up her fork , scooping the last bit of pacific coast
salmon from the Gold Seal can.
She looked out at the lifeless landscape reminding herof satellite pictures from the Mars explorer program.

She had no option , with a heavy heart she took an overdose of sleeping pills , intended for this moment. She then lay down beside her husband , turned out the light , drew the covers over them both for the final time. The human race was extinct.

Two months later two thousand miles to the north, the sunshine battled through the haze. It was September 15, and the pacific sockeye salmon were starting their spawning run up the mighty Columbia river. The salmon too suffered the devastation heaped on the earth. A few were saved only by the relatively more moderate ocean temperatures.
The run this year would number only 200 fish. 500,000 eggs would be laid :100,000 fish would reach maturity to return in 4 years. Within 8 years the returning run would be over a million fish.

3010 was a good year, the future looked promising.

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