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by Lala
Rated: E · Novel · Comedy · #1705035
Teenage sociologist. What else?
Not mine.

My notebook is covered in sleek, black material. The pages are snow white. My pen is sleek and black.

26th Tuesday of January

Assignment (A)/Happy-Go-Lucky

Beginning Year 8 at Alberville High; my newly dyed Red hair is tied tightly back in a ponytail, my blue contacts boast innocence and the effect is nicely complemented with my (painfully) fitted multi-coloured braces.

My name is common, plain-Rachelle Boles. But I will only be Rachelle Boles for a month and then I will be confronted with Assignmnet (B)/ Zombie Blonde.

I know without my (wealthy) parents I wouldn’t be able to conduct my research-the cliques of High School. But my parents understand because they both are sociologists and I am passionately following in their footsteps. With my research I will be one of the most successful sociologists in the sociology part of the world. I will be making a huge impact on the future-starting young is an idea that could only have popped in my mind-Kate Jayne Robinson.

I scanned the great stadium, where all the freshmen were gathering excitedly for possible happy-go –lucky girls like Rachelle Boles. Grinning idiotically and never staying still I approached a pair of girls who were amusing themselves with childish clapping games.

“80 kilo penguin!” I smiled courageously at the Brown haired girl who was obviously baffled at my words.

“What?” her baby blue eyes were taking in my fiery hair.

“Just trying to break the ice!” I waited anxiously for her response. I had read about this ice breaker in the teen magazine: Girlfriend. She flung her head back and laughed loudly, the freckly red-head at her side joined in. I knew girls laughed extra loudly to attract attention. Perhaps these girls were not what I was looking for.

But that feeling changed when my hand was gripped tightly and their shouts of excitement filled my ears.

"I just cannot wait until we start HIGH school!" shrieked the red head, her teeth glittered with red and blue braces. I nodded along, planting a stupid grin on my face.

Then the stadium grew hushed and I spun around. Some adults were struggling to maintain control over the excited crowd of grade 8's. Many fell obediently to their bottoms on the harsh, cement. Some more rebellious grade 8's stood standing, silently challenging the glaring adults.

The two girls pulled me down, giggling madly. I scanned the crowd, the grin sliding off my face. It was time to anaylse my peers. A group of girls sported blonde hair and short shorts. Their thumbs slid over their cell phones in their laps.

A group of boys sat behind them, openly staring at the girl's chests. Some boys were fortunate in the looks department whilst others relied on imitation. A boy in the group looked up at me then and I averted my gaze.

Another group clad in black attracted my attention. Their dark hair, obviously dyed lay over their pimpled faces. I instantly relied on stereotypes then.

I spotted him then and my theory of flawless stereotypes flew out of mind. He was awesomely good looking yet so obviously alone. Dark hair, not dyed, green eyes, golden tanned skin and muscles rippling in his arms. Confusion burned me and I flinched from the scorching flames. Curiosity. I didn't know how much it would cost me.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1705035-Not-mine