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by Lala
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Narcissa struggles to leave the forest and enter back into her world.
Chapter Three: Darkness

I awoke slumped over the horse's strong neck as it trot along the ground. I lifted my blurry gaze and sat up straight, tiny spots invaded my vision and I groaned. James held a dirty rope that was attatched to the horse. I marveled as he walked, keeping perfect pace with the creature.

He glanced at me and I saw a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. Then remembering, I gritted my teeth in pain. My left arm was pulsing as the blood circulated, trying to replace the lost blood.

I glanced at the wound angrily. The arrow was gone and a thick material hugged my arm. I could see spots of my blood on the material where my wound was. I moaned, the throbbing seeming to fasten.

“You think that's painful, imagine how much it would have hurt, had I not removed the bad blood.” chuckled James and I shot a glare at him. He hadn't seen though because he was pointedly not looking at me. Cissa, I'd almost forgotten, I looked ahead eswell.

We were still in the forest but the trees were beginning to spin. I couldn't see much because night had fully fallen and the only light was now the moon shining halfheartedly through the hanging leaves. Cissa was nowhere to be seen.

“Where's Cissa?” I asked shakily, her absence made the surrounding darkness even more sinister.

“Don't tell me you miss her.” I heard the bitterness back in his voice and I knew he no longer wanted to discuss her.

“You killed her?” I pursued idiotically, a trace of alarm in my voice. The horse snorted beneath me.

“ No.” his tone was even more bitter so I wisely decided to drop it,for now.

“ Are you taking me back to school,now?” I asked innocently and he shot me a bemused look at me feinting wide eyes.

“You have no idea, do you-” here he paused . Knowing I was dead anyway I gave him my name. He nodded his gratitude and I shrugged defeatedly, trying not to care.

“Narcissa, who do you think I am?” he asked, arching one eyebrow. The horse stopped below me and I mentally kicked myself/ I shrugged again, this time in annoyance.

I was barely keeping the tears at bay and the screams in my throat. It was already nightfall. Would my foster parents be sending the police for me?

I doubted this. I always came home at night, staying away from home as long as I could.

“I am James, Prince of Night.” he stated with a hint of arrogance. I narrowed my eyes in distaste. He really was insane. James, it was even his real name; thought he was a prince of night. I couldn't help myself, I screamed.

“HELP ME! SOMEBODY!” I felt a hand clamp itself around my mouth. I looked at James, terrified. His face was contorted in anger. Beneath me Midnight fidgeted.

“Do you want to attract attention, in here?” he flicked his head, motioning the black forest with his shining eyes and I nodded hysterically. He removed his hand and the sobs arose, making their way roughly up my parched throat.

I wept quietly, tears sliding onto the horse's silky back. James glared at me. I put both my hands to my face, trying desperately to smother my cries.

“I know you're confused, and very scared but if you want to live..you have to listen to me.” he pleaded and a squeal flew out of my lips. I nodded, wiping the tears off my face, my chest heaving. I was thankful it was dark, I must have looked a mess. Then I hated myself for caring.

“Our dimensions are clashing, the line that separated dark from life is gone. My father, King Edward of Night has come to the conclusion that the immortals will triumph over the mortals. All humanity is being enslaved, even you.” I couldn't help it, I slapped him across the cheek.

“Are you out of your mind?!” I shrieked and his face smoothed into an emotionless mask.

“I could kill you, you know.” he whispered and I heard a trace of deadliness in his voice. His stillness scared me more that his anger. I recoiled and the horse shifted under me. I looked down at the horse's dark coat, chills running up my spine.

“What's his name?” I asked and the abrupt change of subject made him sigh.

“Midnight.” Of course it was, I thought grimly. I leant down to the horse's pricked ears away from James.

“Midnight, please.” I begged quietly, my voice scratchy. Midnight's ears stood up straighter. I felt my stomach clench tightly. Suddenly, Midnight reared up with an almighty whinny and I almost flew off his back. Then he began to gallop quickly away into the shadowy trees.

I threw my shaking arms around Midnight's thick neck, my heart thundering in my chest. The wind rushed past me. I heard James curse furiously and burrowed my head in Midnight's mane. Adrenaline coursed through my body as I felt the creature pick up speed. I glanced quickly to my left and saw the rope flying with the raging wind.

I glanced behind in the darkness, my hair whipping my face. James was hot in pursuit though he made no attempt to shoot me with his arrows. His beautiful face was set in anger and he glared at me furiously. I flinched and turned back.

The gloomy trees looked strangely creepy as they passed us in a blur. The force of the wind made my eyes water as it beat my face and pulled my hair. The sheer ferocity frightened me more than the chasing hunter and I ducked my head back in Midnight's flying mane. The cold wind made me shiver violently and I forgot the pain of the wound in my arm.

“Narcissa, you're running from the wrong immortal!” James shouted at me in the night.

“You're crazy!” I spat out, hair flicking into my dry mouth. The night was uncharacteristically dark. It had to have just fallen. I heard Midnight snort and he stopped abruptly. I flew off his back, the wind snatching at me. I hit the ground hard and startling pain shot up my spine. The streets burned before me.
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