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A desperate soul wanting to escape the crazy maze of love
It’s a dark and humid night,

No whispers of the wind

To shake the still trees,

As my feet wanders

Deep into the maze,

Ears could only hear,

Sounds of insects

Whispering to one another,

Sweat trickled down my face

As I wander through the maze,

My heart filled with fears

Wondering if hiding predators could hear,

Heart beat skipped faster

Sensing something dark & big

About to appear,

Blood gushing to my face

Making my thoughts swirl in craze,

My vision then blurred with haze

As I moved faster to win the race,

I was amazed....

How darkness was clouding my trace,

I tried to run....

I tried to speak....

But nothing came after,....

As the shadow came nearer

My heart beat faster,

My feet glued to the ground....

Emotions was spinning round and round,

I felt choked....

When I spoke,....

I shut my eyes and surrender to fate,

Whispered my last prayer to keep the faith

Hoping that I will be safe,

Closed my eyes

Wishing its not too late,

To see the face

That once lit my days,

Then I saw you my lovely Ace

Images only of your sweet embrace,

Tears then trickled down my face

Wishing to hold you & touch you

To escape from this crazy maze....

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