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Never wrote a literacy narrative before, please could someone give me some input on this.
Writing Mad

         Writing is not one of my strengths, therefore I am writing about my weakness. It is very difficult for me, most recently because I have not had an assignment like this in years. I have never read a book that has effected my life in any significant way and I usually can’t remember most of what I read. I always loved English class in high school, but now that I am in college I am having a lot of trouble with it. I get very frustrated while trying to write a paper with out knowing what to write about. I tried to brainstorm ideas for this essay but drew a blank for the longest time. Writing has never changed or effected my life in any memorable way. So I decided to write about how this paper is effecting the way I write.
         I started writing when I was in middle school, but I moved from place to place many times in my life and every school had different circumstances.  In the past when I had to write a paper, the topic was familiar to me.  For example, my teacher would want us to write about a passage we read, there would be a question we would answer with a paragraph or two. When we wrote an essay, the essay would be about a story we read. One of the stories was Hamlet, and I wrote a one and a half page paper about how the story was tragic. I have never written about a writing experience. Writing a literacy narrative is harder than I thought it would be. Therefore, I am writing about this paper and am going to give an example about something I read just recently.
         Reading is one of my favorite pastimes while writing is something that I don’t look forward to.  I like to read sad stories and love stories because those are the most interesting topics to me.  I read the book, “Memoirs of a Geisha,” which is a sad love story. The little girl in the story was taken away from her parents and brought to a house that was run by Geisha and slave owners. A geisha is a female Japanese entertainer who
dances and pours tea for men. She was a slave until she was fifteen, and then was trained to be a geisha. She fell in love with a married man, and their love was hidden from his friends and family. I like this story because it is based on true events. I like non fiction readings because the stories put you in their shoes.
         If I had a topic that was familiar to me I would be able to write a paper very easily. If I had a chance to write about whatever I wanted I wouldn’t be so frustrated while writing. I would really like writing if I could write a nice research paper about cats or dogs, but when it come to a literacy narrative, I have trouble trying to spice things up. I find it boring to me, so I feel that it is boring to the reader. I have to try extra hard on dull topics to make it seem more interesting.
         Writing can be hard and frustrating, especially when the topic does not relate to you whatsoever. I have a lot of things to learn about writing and hope this English class will help me do just that. Writing this paper was very hard for me because it is a topic I am unfamiliar with. In the end, writing this paper has effected my writing ability and expanded my range of writing. Writing was never my pastime, and I think that is my biggest weakness in college.
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