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This is a character bio.
Full name: Adal Alexia Friedmann

Age: 67 years old

Blood Type: Pure Blood

Wand: She has had a number of wands, most gotten from the wand maker Gregorovitch; she received first when she was eleven: an 11” Black Oak wand with a Runespoor’s Fang core. Her last wand was a 13” Black Cherry wood from the Black Forest of Germany with a chimaera scale core. She got that wand when she became an Unspeakable. It was lost as she was leaving Germany to care for her great-grandchildren. For the past 11 years she has carried no wand believing she is not deserving of one. She has long hoped to one day earn what her adopted parents call the best wand, it is a 13” wand made from Beech wood(The Gypsy Tree) with a chimaera scale core. When she got an owl from an old friend for help she decided it was time to see Mr. Ollivander for her wand and her hope came true as the only wand that picked her was the wand that her gypsy adopted parents called the prefect wand.

Job: She choose to retire from the German Ministry of Magic when she came to London to care for her granddaughter’s twins. She had worked there for almost 35 years as both an Auror and an Unspeakable. When her old friend sent an owl that asked for her help, she decided it was time to get back in the game. She joined the European Ministry of Magic’s London branch as an Auror.

Physical description: She stands at 5' 6”. Adal has been considered petite because of her weighting 135 lbs. She had distincting long silver hair that appeared as healthy as a newborn. When she went back to work for the Ministry she dyed her hair back to its original color of auburn. While she was growing up she wore her hair long and in two braids, tied with red ribbons, and into which silver half-moons and stars were woven. She now wears it shoulder length with it either straight or wavy and has been known to sometimes even curl it. Her style of clothes are very modern and her wardrobe are updated bi-monthly, although Adal’s shoes are always comfortable and long lasting.

Personality: She has been known by many to be typically a loving, caring, and very protective person. One who would go out of her way to help others in need. Yet as a master of the arts learned from the gypsies that lived in the Black Forest of Germany where she was born and raised, Adal learned that not everybody has been deserving of her natural nature.

She grew up after the World War II era but learned to despise hatred against any kind, due to the stories that the gypsy survivors told her as she was growing up about what happened in the Dachau Concentration Camp not far from where she was raised by them. Adal would have nightmares of what happened when her parents died. These dreams along with the name that the gypsies gave her set her direction in life. She believed that it was her destiny in life to protect all those who could not protect themselves. She had dedicated her life from that moment on to perfecting her abilities in magic for the purpose of good. Adal believes that never again should muggles or magical born allow such atrocities to take place on this planet.

Having never remembered she own parents, she has become very much a family oriented woman and would do anything for her friends and family this included her adopted family the gypsies that raised her. She has been known for her caring amongst both the muggles as well as the magical.

Her time in England has hardened her toward some in the ministry a bit but she still supports the ministry as a whole. It was the consent criticism from a few of the members as to how she was raising the twins that placed her at odds with those individuals; though Adal has never shown hostility towards these wizards. She has remained friendly with these people but refuses to allow them too close to the twins.

She thought that she should have kept in closer contact with her son’s family and has blamed herself for her granddaughter Tara’s current circumstance. That was why she had refused to return to Germany believing to do so would be to bring more shame on herself as well as on her family. This idea has caused a rift in her relationship with her own daughter who believed that Tara was responsible for her own actions and that her mother Adal has been blaming herself for no reason. This has caused the two to not see or hear from one another in almost eleven years.

Likes: Family, friends, the ministry, German-British and most kinds of foods, cooking, ale, The French red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon due to the fact that it has had a typically full-bodied and complex. This big Bordeaux varietal has paired nicely with red meats and game which Adal learned to cook as a youth. She has danced in the old German-Gypsy style, The Black Forest, Herbology, Potions, most forms of casting, London to some extent, Tara’s nurses, When her husband arrived from Germany bi-monthly, taken Emily out twice a month during this time, the children's Apache trainers although she has disagreed with them constantly. She has loved the challenge that they have presented. She has loved the practice they have provided for her mind.

Dislikes: Flying, changing things from their natural state, Ellery's attitude most of the time, Tara's Doctor but she refused to request another knowing he was the best for her. America; this has been a recent dislike concerning her experience with them over the last eleven years. She does not dislike American's just the way the country has handled specific matters. From their muggle government to the American ministry of Magic her opinion of American operations has been very poor. Dislikes the Seven because she has felt that their tampering and disregard for the natural laws of Earth has been flawed. Adal hates the nightmares that still come for she never had put faces to the shadows.


Adal never remembered her parents or what happened to them. She was told by the gypsies that found her and raised her as one of their own, that she was found wandering the Black Forest as a toddler. They had watched for a whole day to see if she would be claimed but wasn’t. As night fell, her adoptive parents made a choice fearing if she was left out in the cold Adal would die so they took her in. She was given no name until she was four at her first sign of her magic. Her magic was small but powerful as it was a protection spell. A friend of hers would have been injuried as they were running by a tree branch. Adal would have nightmares of what she thought to be shadows chasing her. It was then at her naming that Adal was told that her name Adal Alexia meant Nobel Protector of Mankind. It was at this time that they also started telling Adal stories of research on German Gypsies that was conducted by the Nazis. She was told that they collected thousands of genealogies in preparation for a genocidal action against them. Adal was then taken to the Dachau Concentration Camp not far from where she was raised by her adopted parents who were gypsy survivors and told about the genocide that they witnessed take place there. She was told that between a half of a million and one and a half million Gypsies were murdered in Concentration Camps just like Dachau. At the camp Adal saw no shadows and asked the gypsies about it. They told her that the nightmare shadows were real people from her past and when she had put faces to the shadows then the mystery behind why she was in the forest would be solved.

When she was eleven the owl came with a letter from Durmstrang, This is where she did her schooling for the next seven years. While home for the holidays, she wore the clothes of her tribe. Her skirts were worn short, and the striped patterns predominated. She wore long, brightly colored stockings or tights, and low shoes of soft leather. A scarlet scarf was draped about the neck, over which were many stings of bright colored beads of glass and metal. It was at Durmstrang that she met Alwart Friedmann. He was already in his third year there when she started. She had a major crush and would date nobody else. They started dating in her fourth year; when she boldly asked him to the End - of - Term Ball. He was leaving that year so she figured she had nothing to lose but everything to gain by asking.

It was not until she finished school that they got to dating more. When Adal had joined the German Branch of the European Ministry of Magic in Berlin that they got married. He was a powerful wizard but the exact opposite in personality. As she was outgoing, he was shy. He specialized in the Defense of Dark Arts and Charms. Adal specialized in Herbology, Potions and most types of casting. The only classes she had trouble with were History of Magic, Flying and Transfigurations. Where Alwart loves to fly, Adal would rather have her feet on the ground. In most areas of their lives they both agree to compromise but in the area of where to live Alwart decided that although he was not from the southwest of Germany he decided to move with her into her adopted parents’ home.

While they were working at the German Branch you would either find her in Berlin at the Ministry where she was employed or at her home in the black forest taking care of their two children. Her son Miles was born a year after their marriage. The daughter was born when the boy was 9 years old. She got many promotions at the Ministry. Just as her daughter was leaving Durmstrang, Adal asked if she could become an Unspeakable. Miles was already married and living in America by this time. The ministry granted her request.

Then 11 years ago the unthinkable happened, They got an owl from the England branch that their son Miles was killed in America and their granddaughter was 8 months pregnant and in a coma at St. Mungo’s Hospital in London, England. Adal started preparing for the trip to London. When she arrived at the orphanage and took custody of her great-grandchildren she thought it would be for only a year. She has raised her great-grandchildren for 11 years. After a couple of years Adal choose to go into retirement from the German Ministry and with the help of her husband has done so. Adal has prayed every day that her granddaughter would show signs of waking up. She has kept picture albums of the children, eleven albums one for each year.

About a week before the children got their letters for Hogwarts, Adal had gotten an owl from an old friend. She read the letter and saw that he needed to have a meeting at the Shadow Lounge. Remembering back to when she had first met Seth; he had come to Berlin to pick-up a dark wizard who had done some killings in England. Seth, her, her husband and another Auror that was Seth's partner had tracked the dark wizard for a week before they caught him. Now Seth needed her help. It was time for her to have replaced her wand. After having asked the Apache Trainers to watch the twins the next day, she went to Ollivander’s and was shown many different types of wands, none glowed until she held the last. She knew when Mr. Ollivander told her what type of wand it was that she had been fated to receive what her adopted parents had always called the prefect wand. That night she went and met Seth Wright at the Shadow Lounge. By the end of the week she was no longer retired just transferred to England.

Now one week after having seen Ellery and Emily off to Hogwarts; she was in St. Mungo’s Hospital at her granddaughter Tara’s bedside as her greatest wish has finally come true. Tara has finally woke up.
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