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This is the bio for Adal Friedmann's granddaughter Tara.
Full name: Tara Friedmann

Age: 30

Blood: Pure Blood

Wand: Tara has a wand that is 11½ inches. It is made from black cherry wood out of the Black Forest of Germany. The core comes from a runespoor fang. The wand was a gift from her father and might not have picked her if she had held it instead of her father.

Job: Auror for the European Ministry of Magic in Great Britain

Physical description: Tara is 5' 7" and 119 lbs with a petite physique and dark brown hair of a decent length. She has dark brown even black eyes. Her size is a thing of amusement as she can easily take a man twice as big or bigger, without the use of magic. It would be unwise to take Tara for weak.

Personality: Tara is just as appealing to look at as her voice is to hear. Her personality is extremely friendly and welcoming. She is non-aggressive unless confronted with hostility. She will normally try to find a way out of a circumstance before using either her physical skills or her magical talents. Tara is an Auror and deals specifically in Native American affairs. She only leaves the States to visit her grandparents in Germany. Though the Black Forest calls to her, it has been known to creep her out just as well.

Likes: Tara loves west Texas. Due to her Native American background, she has always loved Indian lore, nature, horses, and animals of all walks of life. Tara can be found a lot of times creating things such as dreamcatchers, Spirit Shields, clothes, and blankets. She loves to create things with her hands and will spend days on one project until she is fully content that it is perfect. She loves her grandmother whose true name remains unknown except to high ranking members of the ministry. She has always felt a strong connection to the black forest of southwest Germany. She loves it when people underestimate her. Tara has excellent skill in the making and uses of potions. She also is very fond of all kinds of herbs and has been known to go on peaceful midnight walks in nature to collect any herbs and plants she did not have a sample of in her garden. She likes the stars and was excellent in her Astronomy class at the magic school that she attended. Another class that she was excellent in was Care of Magical Creatures. Because creatures would come to her easily, some of the other students thought that Tara was summoning these benign creatures of the land. She especially had a way with the wolf to the point that the elders of her tribe told Tara that the wolf was her totem. She loves the ministry and anything associated with it to the point that she will and has been known to fight to protect it.

Dislikes: Tara dislikes the black forest of Germany due to nightmares she has had most of her life. The nightmares are due to her inability to understand what her grandmother had been teaching her in the Black Forest. Tara hates the division of people that is brought on by hatred and misunderstandings having heard the stories of what happened during the Holocaust and the Trail of Tears. Tara believes that in both stories the many deaths were caused because of one person's hatred and inability to understand another person's way of life. Tara believes that it is this narrow mindedness that is the causes of wars as well as the result of them. She hates wars and will try her best to avoid conflict not wanting to be responsible for costing the lives of others. Tara dislikes the cities due to the feeling of being closed in that comes over her. Although she enjoys the many people she meets in the cities that she visits, Tara prefers the open land of her people in west Texas. Tara hates bright lights and prefers to do all of her work in the light of day. She hates dark magic although she believes it runs through her veins to some extent. She does not like or dislike the seven because she does not know much about them. An opinion she keeps to herself. Though Tara will do battle with them if they get out of hand on her watch.

Family history: Tara was born in the black forest of southwest Germany but grew up in the Apache territory of west Texas. That is where she learned the ways of nature and that of the way of the Apache. This was her primary education and she learned to perfect it.

Although her family was of pure blood they associated themselves with a mixed tribe. Her father, Miles Friedmann, was German born while her mother was born an American and was pure Apache. Her mother, Nitika Friedmann taught her to both love and respect all forms of life. Once a year, her father would take the family to Germany to see his relatives.

Tara enjoyed her trips to Germany because her grandparents lived outside of a small town in southwest Germany, deep in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald). That is also where her father first presented her with her wand at the age of eight. He had gotten the wand from a wand maker named Gregorovitch. This was so she could truly experience the enchanted nature of the Schwarzwald. The Schwarzwald gave her a new and different strength than west Texas. The creepy yet alluring nature of the Schwarzwald beckons to her even when she is thousands of miles away.

Her mother taught her well in the ways of the Apache having been raised amongst them. She performed superbly in her understanding of herbs and potions, as well as her understanding of the stars and how to utilize them. The ground itself has its own lessons as she learned the magic from within and the ancient Apache ways of shamanism.

Her father trained her in the arts of defense against the dark arts and many other things as he was taught at Durmstrang. As a retired Auror, he knew that there were many wizards that were not friendly around muggles and what these dark wizards would call Blood Traitors. He wanted to prepare Tara for any later encounters with these wizards.

During her visits to Germany, it was by her grandmother on her father’s side that she learned the arts that were native to the people of the Black Forest. She was taught some of her grandmother's secrets from finding herbs for creating potions to experiencing the restless nature her grandmother told her was the spirits of Duchou unable to rest. Her grandmother showed her how to create powerful potions for protection as well as summoning the creatures of the forest to her. She taught her to communicate with the many creatures of the Schwarzwald, (like a whisperer) as to befriend them. Tara was also taught to understand when a creature has no intention for friendship and how to ward them away peacefully.

Although Tara has learned how to understand herbs and many other odd ingredients she is not to the capabilities of her grandmother. Summoning requires many different potions and other odd ingredients to gain the aid of nature. This is practically useless in a dual unless she had already summoned the creatures before she attacked. Her father taught her that there are dangers in the use of such magic. Her father warned her to take care with how she used his mother's training.

Her mother Nitika loved her mother - in - law but hated her desire to teach Tara the ways of the people of the Black Forest. Although not too different to that of west Texas she felt that the differences were enough to confuse Tara. In America, Nitika taught her the principles of nature and summoning creatures of benign power. Tara learned to practiced the same art of summoning as her grandmother mixed with lessons learned by her Apache mother.

Because her grandmother taught her that there were spirits in the Black Forest she was always intrigued by them. She was forbidden from seeking them out in Germany but nobody in Texas would know if she had tried. She would seek the aid of a friend, her own Patronus, the summoning of her Patronus wolf she always did alone. This wolf appears to be in the form of a ghost to the untrained eye but is liken to Tara's own soul. This is the only creature she is capable of summoning without the use of a potion as it is a part of her. All other summons that are meant to draw the creatures of nature to her or to her potion she has to make the potions in advance. Different potions draw or repel different creatures. It all depends on the creature's likes and dislikes. Like both Tara's mother and grandmother in Germany said, "If the creature likes bananas but hates mint, you make a potion that smells of bananas to draw it and a potion that smells of strong mint to repel it."

She is quite strong in the uses of potions, the arts of summoning creatures, and powerful uses of defense and escape. She is quite sneaky and knows how to quiet her steps to where an animal could not hear her approach. She also has an innate sense of direction that keeps her from getting lost. Her strengths are very strong but her weaknesses are just as weak. Tara is not very good at casting. She can curse well enough but she will not apply it to do any lasting damage. Her casts are accurate but can seem to be weak and easy to defend against. Tara likes it when people underestimate her, because it's then that they let their guard down.

Tara married a pure blood. He was of her tribe and Tara knew him her entire life. After she returned from her final year at (American school of magic) they were married in the Indian way. For two years they remained at peace. Tara was employed at the American Ministry of Magic and though she was eight months pregnant she refused to return home because of her dedication to her work. She stated that on her final expected week of pregnancy that she would return to her home in Texas. Her husband was not pleased with this due to her young age, but accepted it believing that she was doing the right thing.

Things turned for the worse when muggle intrusion began to enrage the Apache. Her very own husband took up arms and magical powers against the people who dared intrude upon their land. Such an act was against the rules of the ministry and Tara only being nineteen was distraught. She begged her superiors for leave to apprehend her husband but the ministry denied her. Instead they chose a close friend of theirs for the mission. They believed that Tara's husband was a reasonable man and could be dealt with legally. Tara would not accept their resolution and left anyways.

She arrived first to find her entire village in a different condition than what she knew. A spell had taken over the hearts of the braves and they slaughtered any none native born. When Tara found her father murdered she was furious. Immediately she recognized the spell as being the imperious curse. It had been cast upon her people but by whom? Seeking her mother out, she found the same fate as she too was dead. Tara was overwhelmed with grief and unable to control her own cries from catching the ear of the true culprit.

He realized his luck at an Auror being there. Using her death, he could send a real message. The dark wizard laid in wait for his time to strike at her. Knowing the death of Tara would be a strike deep into the heart of the American ministry. The girl is well loved although not the most powerful.

Tara sought out her husband next believing he must know what was going on. She would need help to find the real culprit to this mess. When she found him his mind was aware but his body did not obey him. “Run!” was the only words he spoke before he charged toward her aggressively. Tara was caught off guard but quickly moved from his attack. She was not aware that he sliced her back with his dagger. Tara responded quickly and regretted her next attack deeply. Her own dagger found its way into his chest stopping his heart immediately. He fell to the floor and she cried out in sorrow to her own loss. She didn’t have much time for regrets as the dagger he wielded was laced with the Draught of the Living Dead. She stood only for a moment before her vision became blurry and her legs fell out from underneath her. The last things her eyes viewed was the shocked look on her husband’s face.

The dark Wizard moved in quickly to retrieve Tara but was blocked. A team of Aurors led by Tara's and her husband's friend from the American ministry arrived and quickly set out to scan the village. He tried to curse them and then fled breaking the Imperio curse so as to break the link to himself.

The Village was in disarray, confusion was written upon everyone’s faces as if they had woken from a dream or nightmare. He found Tara next to her husband barely alive but bound within. They sought the best magical medicine available in America but could not find what was needed to save her and her unborn children from death. Quickly they brought her to Britain where they could care for her at the top hospital of St. Mungo's. There she survived and gave birth but has yet to have recovered from her coma.

From there they turned their attention toward the children. Placing them into the custody of a couple in the ministry who in turn placed them into an orphanage meant for pure bloods. This was until their grandmother arrived from Germany. She then purchased a place near to the hospital and took the twins upon herself to raise.

Eleven years later; Grandmother had brought Tara's children to see her one last time before sending them off to Hogwarts. She had hoped for some sign before they left but it was the same as every other day. Tara laid silently wasting away as she had before but now Ellery and Emily were leaving for school. She checked the time then stood motioning for the children to follow her out of the room. Emily followed without a word but Ellery stared coldly at the motionless body hoping for one sign. Grandma yelled and he nodded knowing it was useless. As Ellery turned to leave he mentioned to his grandmother something about creating a potion to allow her to pass on. This was not out of anger but he was tired of her lay there. As the door closed behind him Tara’s nurse stared at it in shock. “Potion? Potion?” she repeated turning to look at the sleeping woman. Immediately she contacted her doctor with her newly thought of cure.

One week after Ellery and Emily left for Hogwarts: Tara's Doctor and nurses stood around her bed behind Grandma who stood over her nodding. “You guys are idiots.” she states as Tara's eyes move back and forth underneath their lids.

“Her mind started to work again,” The doctor replied shocked that it was the only thing he had not even considered as the cause of Tara's coma.

“You think?” Grandma stated in pure sarcasm looking at the doctor.

All at once Tara's eyes popped open and her mouth moved but no words came out. “Your back, Enkelin.” Grandma leaned back and smiled.

(Enkelin= granddaughter in German, the grandma's native tongue.)
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