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by Jennyj
Rated: E · Poetry · Pets · #1706589
26 lines of splashy survival!
WDC Writers Cramp—091010

Count: Lines 24

Your character washes up on an island with only the items in a bag that were to be for a birthday party. How would you use those items to survive?


I’m hidin’ in this car, you see—
When suddenly, we hit a tree!

No one was hurt, but I flew out
An open window, with a shout!

The basket that I’d hidden in
Was really not well settled in

the car, and we SPLASHED loud and flew:
the stuffed basket and small me, too!

I’m Pumpkin Pie, the Calico—
and cats don’t swim too well, you know??!!

We hit the water and we sailed
onto an island, my luck failed!

For what flew out the door with me
was just trappings of birthday glee!

But wait—I smell some candy here.
The thought of sweets gives me great CHEER!

I know that they'll come back to hunt
for me—the oldest, and I live out front

(away from all that bedhead crew!
Tipton, Ripley and Calvin, too!

And Grandpa Alistair, no less,
and Moopy, enemy confessed!)

Then, I picked out a party hat—
a great bed site for a small cat!

I really I hope they come for me
‘cause I’m now cold, and too lonely!

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