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A mockery of Senators and Congressmen
News: Comelec recently approved 144 party list...

A clear mockery of elected SENATORS and CONGRESSMEN!

Because it means, there are 144 marginalized sectors of our society not aptly represented by the congressmen and senators in their respective districts.

If so, does this mean that our congressmen and senators does not include these marginalized sectors in his/her representation in Congress and Senate?

If so, does this mean our congressmen and senators are not fit to their jobs of representing all sectors in their districts?

If so, does this mean our congressmen and senators are not doing their jobs as representatives of the people who elected them?...Because I believe, all people covered by these 144 marginalized sectors have voted a congressmen and senators to represent them in Congress and in the Senate!

If so, does this mean we do not need them, especially the senators, who supposedly should represent all sectors of the Philippine society?

If so, does this mean we do not need the SENATE?

If so, does this mean we only need one (1) body of representatives, where all sectors of our society would be truly represented?

If so, then let us ABOLISH the SENATE and have a PARLIAMENT where all sectors of our society are represented!

If this happens then we would save the billion peso pork barrels of the senators and could channel this amount to education, infrastructure, and health that would surely alleviate the condition of the general populace!


Let's start planting the seed of change...amend the 1986 Constitution!
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