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by Jaiam
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Christian verse done to the prompt "Shine on Me."
Digital image of a cross and star.


Shine on me - O Star of Light,
Blood of a GOD stained me tonight,
As perfect LAMB was sacrificed,
Upon my outstretched arms of wood
And evil overcame the GOOD,
If only for a little while.

Desperate am I - O Star of Light,
For the ONE of power and of might
Was nailed to me by foolish men,
Who refused the gift HE offered them,
And I was made to take part in
The slaying of the innocent.

They did not understand,
HE had come to save the world!
And all creation sang,
“the battle whispered of so long,
Has finally at last began,
Redemption is at hand.”

But, they would not listen.
They who hate him so,
Could not see beyond their fear.
And so the song creation sang
Could not enter in,
Their hearts and hopes were closed to it.

Shine on me - O Star of Light.
For HE who died on me this night,
Has soaked me through with blood divine,
Changing me for all time.
An altar now am I,
An altar where LOVE was sacrificed.

Offered up to gain back all ‘twas lost
When evil did seduce the good, and
Sin and death entered the world.
Now, I am partaker in that sin, and
I burn with guilt and shame of it,
I ask now for only what was offered men,

The chance to be - forgiven.

Please - shine on me,
O Star of Light!
Let your gaze
Cleanse me this night.
And burn away my part in this,
If only for a little while.

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