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A poem about my life in Bristol, on the eve of moving to London. Made to be read aloud
Big Geoffs bouffant and Holymead’s ghosts
Corridor love ins and mod flamingos
Campouts and Glastonbury and parties galore;
Drinking and singing, then drinking some more.
Welcome to my world, my childhood, my life:
I’m a Bristolian, it’s a bit of alright.

Whittling away summer under skies azure
Singing Queen and Robbie- why? Not sure.
Meandering through the parks and the towns
Dressed as robots, but sadly, not clowns
Everything simple, most of the time-
Excluding the dramas and mishaps of wine (or vodka, tequila, beer..)

Cardboard fantasies, gut wrenching realities, full blown insanity:
Never a dull moment it seems.
Bathtub bonding and buttering face,
The fondest of memories I’ll take from this place.
But don’t get me wrong it was still bloody tough;
There was heartbreak and angst, all that teenager stuff.
Longing gazes, warm embraces, stupid depressing teenage phases
Not always the life of my dreams.

Ok, it’s not perfect, but Bristol’s my home
I’m flying away to pastures unknown, Terrified of living alone
Who do I talk to?
What do I do?
Will I meet people as awesome as you?

Parting, indeed, is such sweet sorrow;
The thought I’ll have left by this time tomorrow
Fills me with horror, is that too extreme?
Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems?

It’s only 3 months and then a bit more,
A bit at a time, then, is fine to endure.
It’s my journey’s return that’s of main concern:
That I’ll be a stranger upon my return.
No longer a native; not one of the herd
With nobody remembering this old bird.

But still, it’d be nice to come back home
And not end up sojourning alone.
Returning to chat of the mystery machine,
Of green giant charities and jam jar schemes.
So when I depart a smile I’ll hold,
Feeling once more like a 16 year old.

Mi amigos of Bristol, I don’t ask for much
Just one small thing - that is- keep in touch:
An e-mail, a phonecall or even a tweet
In the hope that once more we’ll be able to meet
And drink tea and dance like nutters in the street,
Oh Bristol you know you’re really quite sweet

Pues, hasta luego ‘Alfonso’ and co,
When I come back we’ll play travel Cluedo
And dance like divas to Britney fo ‘sho.
So cheers then Bristol you’ve been gurt lush
See you in December and remember- KEEP IN TOUCH!
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