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Rated: 13+ · Non-fiction · Comedy · #1707298
When a boy moves into a neighborhood and does not know what is coming.
    When my mom picked me up from school on this cold day we went right past the exit to my house and we turned to this strange drive behind a hospitial. At first I thought we were watching somebodys house, but when we got to the driveway I could tell nobody has lived there for a couple years because there was aboout five anthills in the yard. When I went inside ther was only a little bar section in the middle of the kitchen and nothing else. My mom told me to sit down on the barren carpet and she said me, and her, and my evil dasterdly cat were going to rent this house and leave my dad and my most beloved dogs to go up to Maryland. I told her I was so happy we were moving but inside my twelve year old head I was screaming. So the next week or so i had to go to school and live my life knowing that my wonderful house had gone right before my eyes like it never was there. To make it worse the movers were complete idiots except the one with the top hat but he did have a thing about every five minutes he would pop about ten mentos into his mouth and just keep acting like he was the only man in the world. I had a pet spider in this house that is not really a good thing considering I found him crawling up my arm when my mom showed me my room and I sat down on the carpet thinking how will this ever be my room my bathroom at the other house was bigger then this room. Anyway the spider did not last long since one of the movers squashed him with the first site of him. The second day of moving I was kinda bored of watching weirdos just stare at me like why is he so young. So I went outside and I saw one kid with a mohawk and I am like great I am going to be a member of a crazy rock band or something. But then when I talked to him I realized he wasnt so bad after all and that we might be close collegues. When I told people I was moving neighborhoods they did not care but when I told them the name of the street they cracked up. When I first moved here and got settled in one of the first to people to see it was my friends Seth Edwards and Sam Valenzuala and Sam dared me to ask out a girl I thought was twelve but ended up be like eight it was insane she had this bunny rabbit and I'm like hey what is up with the rabbit and she said quote on qoute, " It is for when I get scared when I watch Cinderella," so ya. You think it is weird now just keep reading it gets stranger so you know the guy I said was going to be my collegue ya I was wrong I said hey want to play baseball and he said wait let me get my pink baseball. Ever since then he has hated me i dont know why like I said strange. There has since I have moved in, a total of five people move out the weirdest one to move is Siena and let me tell you he is strange he said will you give me five dollars if I stick this down my pants and I am like no. Gabe who was another to move and he was getting cool right when he left. Now there is a person who is one of those people like whoa man and then he socks you right in the face. His name is Joey Spransy skateboarding artist thirteen been arrested already and me and him have had some times together. We dared the kid Gabe I was talking about, to ding dong ditch Siena's house and his dad I think pulled a gun on us. Also Joey once went with his friends burnt down a house. So thats the story of my life in the most weirdest neighborhoods ever.
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