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This is the sequel to my story Developing A Taste For Beauty.
Developing A Taste For Beauty:
Sweet Pie And A Lie.

(Setting/Time Period: Medieval)

It had been two weeks since Jason the giant had devoured his little redheaded love Melissa. He was still mad at himself for eating her, mainly because he missed her loving company. He never did have that girl omelet he had planned on having the next day. He hadn’t eaten another young lady yet. Even though Melissa told him that he should go get more beautiful women to devour, he wasn’t sure about it. He did feel a little bad for eating and ending the life of such beautiful creatures. Though now he had a craving for the delicious sweetness of young women, he didn’t know if he could keep the urge from talking over.
Today, Jason was looking out his window and down the hill. It was almost lunch time and he was contemplating whether or not to go down to the village and grab a yummy girl or two. Just as he decided he would and then exited his house, he spotted a small figure heading up the hill. He couldn’t tell who it could be or what it looked like. He watched for a minute until he could see more clearly. The figure was a woman; a very beautiful raven-haired woman, about five feet eight inches in length. Along her long lovely legs she wore a very tight pair of pants made of some kind of dark brown leather. She also wore a dark red tunic; tunics are usually loose fitting, but the one she was wearing was quite tight in the chest, mainly do to her ample bosom. The woman was carrying a bow and had quiver full of arrows, also a long dagger at her side. Jason was curious about why she was coming straight up to him, besides being curious, his mouth watered.
The woman stopped several feet away, looked up at him and spoke, “You there giant, I have a question and you are going to answer it.”
“You are a very bold little woman to walk right up to a giant and start demanding things,” Jason said, “I am Jason; I ask what is your name brave lady, and what is it that you want answered.”
“My name is Lena, I am a bounty hunter,” she answered, “When I occasionally pass through the town nearby, I stay and rest in the house of a lovely young girl named Melissa, she is one of my good friends. But when I showed up today, she was gone. When I asked the townsfolk where she had gone, I was told by one of the men in the village that a few months ago he saw a giant take her away from the riverside and that she hadn’t been back since. You fit the description of the giant, what did you do with Melissa?”
Jason explained how he had taken Melissa and healed her from the injury she received from a fall. He told how Melissa and he had fallen in love and lived together.
Lena laughed, “If there was a girl that would fall in love with a giant, Melissa would be it. Where is Melissa, is she inside your house? I would love to talk to her.”
Jason frowned a little and then explained how he had devoured sweet Melissa, which he had done in the passion of trying to make love with her. He told how he couldn’t expel her no matter how hard he tried, and how in the end she told him that she didn’t mind being eaten by him and that she knew he loved her and didn’t mean to do it. After this, Jason thought that Lena would want to kill him, but he was surprised by her response.
“I actually believe you Jason; Melissa was a very loving, understanding, and forgiving type of woman. I am sad that she is gone, but happy that she met a death that pleased her,” Lena said, a small tear trickled down her cheek, but she quickly wiped it away, trying to keep her tough bounty hunter appearance.
Jason looked Lena over; he decided to take Melissa’s advice by starting with one of her tasty friends. Licking his lips, he grabbed Lena and brought her up to his face, dangling her upside down. He moved his other hand in, ready to strip off her tunic and pants.
“What are you doing,” Lena shouted.
“I’m going to gobble you up, because you look nice and sweet,” Jason replied. He explained how Melissa had said he should eat any woman he thought was beautiful and tasty.
“I’m flattered that you think I’m beautiful and all,” she said, “but I really don’t want to be your lunch. Melissa may have loved feeding your belly, but I prefer living over digesting.” Lena tried to think quickly, she would do anything to keep off of Jason’s menu, no matter how bad an escape plan it was. She thought of a plan, it was kind of wicked, “Hold off on the clothes peeling, I have deal you might be willing to except.” Jason stopped, she was a friend of Melissa, and he might as well listen.
After she got him to sit her down, Lena explained that she knew of a farm not far from his place. She told that the farmer had two beautiful brunette daughters, one was twenty-one and the other was twenty. She explained how the two daughters weren’t fat, but still had nice plump thighs, rumps, and juicy breasts. Lena said that both of them would together take an afternoon nap under a tree near the edge of the farm and that today the father would be away selling some of his crop in town.
“I’ll tell you how to get to the farm, if you let me go and promise not to eat me,” Lena said. Jason promised and Lena told him just how to get to the farm.
“Interesting, to spare yourself you are, offering the lives of two juicy farm girls. Okay, but…..,” Jason grabbed Lena again and got a small cage from his house, then locked her inside.
Lena shouted, “You promised to let me go, we had a deal.”
Jason laughed, “Don’t worry your sweet little head off; I will let you go after I go get the two daughters. I can’t have you running away, only to find that you were lying to me.” Lena wasn’t lying, but she was confident that he would keep his word, Melissa loved and trusted him.

Jason left the caged Lena on his table and went to get the two brunette daughters. Sure enough, when he arrived at the big tree at the edge of the farm, there lay the two girls napping peacefully. He grabbed them both, which woke them up, but before they realized what was happening, he had already stripped there close off. He gently placed them in a large bag he had brought with him, he didn’t want to hurt there delicate bodies before got to prepare them. All the way back to his house, he listened to their cute little voices, as they screamed for help. Walking into his house, Jason sat the wiggling bag on the table.
“Okay,” Lena said, “You can let me go.”
“I’ll let you go after you watch the preparation,” Jason whispered. Lena didn’t want to have to witness what happened to the doomed sisters, but if it got her free, she was okay with it. Jason remembered that Lena had told him that the two sisters weren’t very smart and could be fooled easily. He had a clever plan that would make preparation go smoothly. Jason prepared a little fire to slowly heat his brick oven. He then grabbed a perfect sized pie pan, he lined the bottom with thick pie dough that he prepared earlier, and set the top dough piece off to the side. He then put some globs of molasses and some apple chunks in the pie. Now it was time for the main ingredients, and his ingenious plan.
Jason went over and untied the bag, and then the two sisters crawled out slowly. They looked at Jason and started to cry, “Please don’t hurt us, please let us go.” He clamed them down by slowly caressing their heads and hair, and asked them their names. The younger replied, “Becky,” and the older said, “Sarah.”
“Becky, Sarah, don’t worry,” he said kindly, “I just wanted see if you wanted to help me make a pie.” The two sisters looked at each other.
“Of course we will help,” they said at the same time, “Baking is our specialty, father always said we make the best pie in the world. Why did you have to remove our clothes?”
Jason pointed to the partially filled pie, “I need you to get in there and mix up all that molasses and apple. That is why I removed your clothes; I didn’t want your pretty dresses to get all dirty.”
The girls giggled, “That was so thoughtful of you. Okay we will mix up that pie filling real good.” The two plump little sisters quickly ran over and jumped in the pie and started stomping and spinning their feet to mix the molasses and apple. Jason convinced them that they couldn’t mix it good enough unless the both laid down and rolled in it.
Sarah giggled, “Becky we are really getting sticky and messy, I hope he tells us we are done mixing.”
Becky nervously laughed as well, “Yes, this is going to be one sweet pie…..wait, Sarah, doesn’t it seem like this filling isn’t enough to fill a pie this size, what else is he going to put in this pie.” Sarah’s eyes widened as she just realized what the other ingredient of the pie was, but it was too late. A shadow appeared and covered them completely in darkness. It was the pie dough top as Jason placed it on and pinched around the edges tight and placed a few very small decorative holes in the pie, so that air could circulate in the pie. He listened to the muffled screams of the sisters within. He watched there attempts to break free as the pie top rippled and bumped up a few times, but they couldn't get out because he made sure the top was extra thick. Lena watching from her cage and couldn’t help but laugh. It was amazing to her that those girls had been so dimwitted, that they just danced right in and laid down in the pie. She looked on as Jason slid the plump and sweet sister pie into the well heated oven.
Jason walked over to the cage, “Now that that’s done….” He opened the cage door and Lena jumped out and tried to finish Jason’s sentence, “….you’re going to let me out and let me go. Enjoy the pie, I can’t stay, I’ve got work to do.” Jason grabbed her, she wasn’t worried, and she thought he was just helping her off the high table.
“Sorry Lena, you didn’t let me finish,” Jason said, while dangling her upside down like he had earlier that day, “What I was trying to say was….Now that that’s done I will enjoy having you Lena as an appetizer to tide me over until the sisters are done baking.” Jason quickly started stripping the tight pants and tunic of her, licking his lips, soon she was completely naked.
Lena’s face turned red, “Jason! You promised that you would let me go after you caught and prepared the girls.”
“I guess it was all a lie,” Jason laughed, “I decided on my way back here, that there was nothing to stop me from having my pie and eating you too.” Lena screamed in frustration, but quickly changed to a scream of pleasure, as Jason used his tongue to lick her body all over, paying special attention to her full plump breasts and between her legs.
Lena yelled, “Oh, oh, I can see why Melissa loved this, but please this is as far as this goes. Yes, I’m delicious and sweet, but I’m not for eating.” Jason ignored her pleading, and slipped her sweet little feet into his mouth and started slurping in her lovely long legs. He stopped as her tight little rump bounced onto his tongue; he sucked for a minute or two than continued and did the same to her face. Her arms were last as they flailed outside; her hands grabbed his upper lip trying to prevent her from slipping all the way down his gullet. It was a futile move and down she went and plopped into his stomach. He let out a belch as she started wiggling around inside.
Jason rubbed his belly, feeling Lena’s movements. Pretty soon she settled down, realizing that there was no escape. She began thinking to herself, “I was really a great and crafty bounty hunter, all my smarts and I land myself in the belly of a giant. Well at least I got some good pleasure from his tongue; he really knows how to work it.” To try and get more pleasure she started rubbing her whole body up against Jason’s stomach. This got the juices going. Jason soon felt as his stomach went to work on Lena.
Not long after Lena stopped moving, the pie was done baking and Jason removed the sweet smelling pie from the oven. He let it cool a bit before he sliced the first piece, using his sharpest knife so he could make a clean cut through. In his first piece he got some of Becky’s lovely legs and Sarah’s entire juicy plump rump. Their meat was incredibly sweet having absorbed the flavor of the molasses and apple. Jason quickly finished his first piece.
“Becky and Sarah’s father was right,” Jason said laughing as he sliced himself a second piece, “they do make the best pie in the world.”
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