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This is the character bio for Troy Spellman. He is one of my characters on the RPG site.
Full Name: Troy Andrew Spellman

Age: 20 years old

Blood: Muggle-Born

Job: Guard at King's Cross Station, Platform 9 and 3/4

Wand: 12" Rowan with Ashwinder Ash Core

Physical Description: He has dark hair and eyes, stands at about 6 feet tall and is musclar. He wears a trench coat or leather jacket every chance he gets. Sometimes he will wear an ear ring.

Personality: He seems nice, but can get tough. He is slow to pull his wand as he does not want to scare the young children in his charge. He is a very honor bound and loyal person, who feels a special bond with Tocanema. He will go to great lenghts to protect her. On the outside he gives out a feeling of toughness. He has in the past been mistaken for a troublemaker.

Likes: Wizard's chess, wearing a trench coat or leather jacket, the kids that catch the Hogwart's Express especially Tia, learning all he can though books and on hand experiences, cheeseburgers. His best class was Defenses of the Dark Arts and Dark Arts.

Dislikes: The man that he witnessed murder his father when he was 11 years old, David Valentine. He also hates people that are racists. He also dislikes bullies, canary creampuffs and dirt flavor beans. His worst class was flying as he did not like heights.

Family/ History:
Troy Spellman was born to Tracy McDuff Spellman(muggle-born) and James Marcus Spellman(squib).

Tracy died giving birth to Troy. Troy was an only child as James so loved Tracy, that he never remarried. When Troy was about 9 years of age, a young mother with her baby daughter moved in next door. Troy began hoping that his dad and this nice lady Tamika would fall in love. Then they would be a family. Troy became very protective of the baby for the next two years. As Troy played with the young Tia, hoping that one day she would be his new little sister.

When Tia McChey was 2 and Troy was 11, Troy's dad heared screams coming from next door. James told Troy to call a friend by the name of Seth Wright and to stay in the house. James went to see if he could help Tamika until Seth, a retired Auror got there. When James got next door, he realized that there was no hope for the mother, who was already dead. Tamika McChey was a witch by the real name of Tamika Tia Andreas. James had been told her story by Seth. With great urgency, James realized that he had to find the young toddler Tia before the killer did. He finally located the child hiding in the back of the hall closet. Knowing that Seth would come to his home, James tried to get her next door. As he left the McChey's home and headed to his home, he felt the curse hit his back. Troy who by this time had called Seth, saw though a window his father bring a very scare Tia over.Troy went and quickly opened the door. It was then that Troy saw the face of a man who had a wand in his hand, standing behind his fallen father. As James was about to die, he said quickly, "Troy, grab Tia and take this." As he handed Troy, Tracy's locket. James died with a smile on his face because James knew the chain was with Seth. Troy grabbed Tia who was bleeding. As the children held on to Troy's mother's double heart shaped locket, Troy ran for all he was worth out and they disappeared.

They reappeared right in front of Seth. While Troy turned Tia over to Seth, he told Seth about what happened at the house. Seth sent Troy to live with his aunt and uncle on his father's side. The next two years were a blur. When Troy was 11, he got his letter to attend Durmstrang. He excelled in his classes. Troy made a vow to one day meet and kill his father's killer and make Tia safe. Troy realized he loved little Tia as if she was his little sister.

When he graduated, he went back to England. Where he look Seth Wright up. Seth got him a job as a guard and gave him a picture of Tia. One day while working at King's Cross Station: Platform 9 and 3/4, he happen to see a picture in the Daily Prophet of Hogsmeade being attack. It showed a man doing a curse on some old wizard. Troy could not believe what he was seeing. He had to show Seth the picture. When Seth seen it, he asked Troy why was he interested in David Valentine. Troy replied, "Because that's the man I saw kill my father." Seth and Troy now keep a very close watch on Tia as she gets ready to go to Hogwarts. Troy vows that Valentine will not make Tia his next victim.
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