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When Tia goes to Hogwarts this is all she knows.
FULL NAME: Tocanema Tia Spellman (Toe-ka-knee-ma) A.K.A. Tia Andreas

AGE & YEAR: 11 years old & 1st year

WAND: 8 ¾ inches, slender redwood with Phoenix Feather

BLOOD TYPE: pure-blood

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She has a slender frame. Her hair goes down to her shoulders with a slight taper at the bottom. It is dishwater blond in color. She has small almond shaped silver-green eyes. She has a scar on her leg that has been there as long as she can remember.

PERSONALITY: She is intellectual, always looking for the next great challenge. She is semi-social; but if she becomes your friend, she will stick by you no matter what. When it comes to her past she is very unsure of herself. Maybe that because she doesn't know much about it. She always sticks up for the new kid even against a friend, with her temper sometimes getting the better of her.

LIKES: playing chess, being alone and reading

DISLIKES: bullies, being kept in the dark about her past

Mother: Tia Ione McChey(?)
Father: James Marcus Spellman
She has no known siblings.
Guardian: Mrs. Samantha Wright of the Orphans of St. Francis Orphanage

HISTORY: She doesn’t know much about her parent’s background, except that they died when she was two or three years of age. Mrs. Wright would only say that somebody saw her as a wounded child near two dead people. A nurse at St. Francis, who was a friend of Mrs. Wright’s brought her to the orphanage a couple of months later. If she asked any more questions, Mrs. Wright would suddenly have an errand to run.

She started showing how weird she was at about 6 years old. This boy started teasing her about the scar on her leg. She started to get more mad than upset. She told the boy to back off and leave her alone or else. The boy didn’t and the next thing she knew the boy was in pain. After that the kids started calling her freak and staying clear of her. She learned to love the peace of being alone. When she was about 8 years old was when she met Marcus for the first time. He was about 5 years older than she was . He started to come over when the kids started to tell him not to go near the freak. At that moment he got real mad and told them if anybody was a freak it was them. After that he came over and asked if she had ever played chess. That was how she learned to play chess. One week before getting her letter Marcus was found dead.

When the letter came Mrs. Wright told her to be ready to go on an outing .While in Diagon Alley, Mrs. Wright told her that the kids that called her a freak just didn’t understand her . After picking up her wand at Ollivander’s, Mrs. Wright gave her a lovely snow white owl named Queen. The night before she went to the train station, she was called into Mrs. Wright’s office. All Mrs. Wright said was don’t go looking for trouble.
Since then she had wondered what Mrs. Wright meant . Well she guessed that this Hogwarts school would have the answers…
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