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by Dottie
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In a small way, this incident touched our lives.
The Trampled Flower Pot

It was a mystery from the beginning. At first I suspected a squirrel, but there was no rhyme or reason for what was happening.

It was a few weeks ago. For several days, I would notice the uprooting of a young fern in a flower-pot that was at the top of cement steps leading to the front door of my home. The fern was pushed to the side, and the dirt scattered about by an animal scratching and digging into it. Some of the dirt spilled to the cement surface. Each time it happened, I would carefully restore the plant into the soil.

The plant was only six inches tall, and was solidly planted in the middle of an average sized pot. At first I thought that a strong wind had uprooted the plant, because the dirt had dried out. But, that wasn’t the case, because the black dirt was still slightly damp. This would go on for a few days. I knew some animal was messing with my flowerpot.

I was pondering as to why a squirrel would be interested in that particular flowerpot. There were other plants on each step close to the hand railings, and they were untouched. The other plants were lush with flowering buds, especially the Impatiens. I realized that the attraction was the dirt itself. Anyway, squirrels wouldn’t store winter staples, such as acorns, in a flowerpot. Perhaps, it was some other small creature.

Today the mystery was solved. One of my sons came into the house and announced that he surprised a kitten who was nibbling at food inside our trash can. The kitten had gotten inside through a long crack in the side of the can, and tore at one of the plastic bags inside. Apparently, the Sanitation workers were careless while collecting our refuse, and tossed the emptied can in the road. Unfortunately, it was damaged then, or run over by another vehicle. We decided to use that particular can until it was replaced with a new one. How that cat was able to fit itself through the slash in the can baffled me. The young cat was hanging half in and half out at the time, and scurried away when my son lifted the cover.

That’s when I suspected that the kitten was the culprit, who attacked the fern. The kitten was just frolicking around in the dirt, or was he/she contemplating using the flower pot as a litter box. I like to think the cat sought the softness and warmth of the soil, and slept the night away in comfort.

What a smart cat! I guess the surrounding areas of open space, dried up grass, and hardened dirt, was not appealing to this mischievous and enterprising creature. I was amused at myself for cleaning up after the cat. Needless to say, I brought the plant inside, and placed it on the back porch. Hopefully, the plant will be none the worse for the invasion. Since the flower-pot and the garbage can were taken away, there has been no sign of the cat. The cat moved on to greener pastures, and will seek shelter and food elsewhere. Life goes on.
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