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Highlights the basic difference between optimism and positive thinking.
What is optimism? Most of the people or rather all of us thinks that optimism is thinking positive. But there is a lot of difference between Optimism and Positive Thinking. Optimism is actually taking the things positive and Positive Thinking is simply thinking positive. Confused! Hm mm. OK let me give you an example.
Suppose someone criticized you or rather say abused you, if you are an optimist you will take it positive and you will show no reaction to it. Well that's good and fine. You avoided the quarrel. But if you are a positive thinker you will think. You will think that why has this happened? Why did the person criticized me in this way? What is there in me to change?
When anyone is criticizing us that means we need to change us according to him. But optimist doesn't change while a positive thinker will change himself and will not be criticized later. Positive thinking will also help you to grow your mental status. Okay, Let me end with a simple example. Suppose there are two teams playing cricket. One is weaker than the other and is sure to lose. Now, if the team is optimistic they will think that they can win. But if they are positive thinker they will think how they will win? What are the strategies that can make them the winner? I think u can guess which option is better.
"Positive thinking can make you an optimist. But optimism can never make you a positive thinker."
Be a Positive thinker and then be an optimist.
Be happy and keep growing.
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