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Staring out the window, Victoria wondered whether she was making the wisest decision.
Staring out the window, Victoria wondered whether she was making the wisest decision. She had never done this before, and she was really treading on thin ice, but what other options did she have? What other options were she given?

She knew it would take some time, and maybe a little bit of courage and strength, but, soon, she would be right back where she was at, all happy and smiling from ear to ear.

But, now, Victoria had to deal with the situation at hand. She had never done anything without knowing her next step first...to blindly step out on faith was something she didn't know anything about. Even though she was a Christian, and said she believed in God, her actions weren't the best at showing it.

"The time is now. Right now," Victoria repeated to herself as she held her new-born baby boy in her arms, and struggled towards the door. She was all of one hundred and five pounds so to balance a baby of nine pounds on one arm and a full suitcase in the other was a great feat, but, determined, she did it. She made it to the door and slowly closed it, careful not to make a sound, and quickly hurried down the hallway of their tenement building toward the stairs leading to the first floor, and then the exit doorway.

"Finally," she thought to herself, "We're on our way."
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