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His name is Gabriel

                  A Moon Child is a herald from the feminine Spirit of Yaweh.
          A woman has a gate within her that can be opened under a full Moon.
          Resting unclothed upon stone under the full Moon, the words of evocation

                    "I accept and proclaim the Angelic light of Gabriel."

          Oil is rubbed over the body, beginning at the base of the spine.
          This is the Serpent's Fire, which when awakened will ascend to the
          forehead through the vivification of the Unk. The libido is central to this
          to climax this rite.

                    "Excubitores, in nomine
                    Fas mihil tangere
                    limina illa."

        The blue and silver light of Yesod; the hunter's Moon will open the honey
        of the supplicant upon the stone. She must recite her confession three times
        to the seven knocks of a gavel. The gavel can be two rocks knocked together
        or the clapping of hands. This is the evocation:

                  "Nescio quis sim
                  Nescio quo veniam
                  Nescio quo eam
                  Sed quid nescio."

        A triangle can then be drawn in black between the shoulder blades, leading to
        point at the tail bone. This symbolizes the aspiration of the higher self. A second
        triangle is drawn from the hips, leading to a point at the base of the head. This
        symbolizes the aspiration of the lower self. The fusion of the male and feminine
        symbolizes the temporal self with eternal forces of love. The circle of life can be
        drawn around the vestal virgin. She is ready to receive a man and Gabriel's child.

                  "Ordataris unguentis me
                  Exsultat cor, fervent
                  Membris venit vigor
                  Ex purificatus sum."

        The man speaks these words of anointing upon entering his beloved.
        Turning to the east he focus his attention of the Tree of Life, he is already
        within her and within the sphere of Earth and the light Yesod. Silently he
        knows the elemental intelligences which pass from him into her. Mentally,
        he proceeds towards his destination along the path of the tree. When he reaches
        his climax he slaps with both hands ten times on either side of the butt cheeks
        of the supplicant. She is free to stand and face him. Ten is the number of Sefra
        on the Tree of Life. The pentacle upon her back will bring her into his arms.
        God Herself will hold them together. The pentacle will use the unruly forces
        to unite them in life.

        This then is a Witches marriage.+

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