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Some links to things every author needs.
Alphabetical List of Links

Every author needs stuff. Here's an alphabetical list of some of the places we find stuff.

*CheckB*Stuff about agents  : what they do, how to find one

*CheckB*Stuff about becoming a better writer.  

*CheckB*Stuff about : "Beginner's Guide to Review Templates

*CheckB*Stuff about body language
UsingBody Language  

*CheckB*Stuff about definitions: a dictionary
Urban Slang  
Southern Slang Dictionary  

*CheckB*Stuff about grammar, punctuation, etc.
Purdue University Writing Center  

*CheckB* Stuff about hooks  

*CheckB*Stuff about mistakes   in writing

*CheckB*Stuff about writing a stronger novel  

*CheckB*Stuff about stuff   (Wikipedia)

*CheckB*Stuff about synonyms  : a thesaurus

*CheckB*Stuff about writing from Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 : "Thoughts on Writing

*CheckB*Stuff about tropes  --common devices to advance plot or character. This includes things like "save the cat" (showing compassion) and "kick the dog" (showing villainy).

*CheckB*Stuff about words to avoid  

*CheckB*Stuff about writing   from the Science Fiction Writers of America (worth a look even if you don't write SciFi).

*CheckB*Stuff about writing markets   (Duotrope)

*CheckB*Stuff for new authors to watch out   for

*CheckB*Stuff about worksheets   and plot beats.
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