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This piece of Tia's story takes place as she is coming home for Christmas.
Tia could not believe that Mrs. Wright had not answered any of her letters. She would ask her why when she saw her. Tia had to tell her cousin and friends that she had to go back to St. Francis' for Christmas. When Tia left the school it was with the promise that she would write her friends.

During the long train ride, Tia had the feeling she was being watched. 'Seth will know what to do.’, Tia thought. 'First the board comes up missing and now this.'
Tia could not wait to see Seth Wright again. He was supposed to be meeting her here at King's Cross. 'Where is he?’, Tia thought starting to get worried. 'Maybe he's just running late?’, Tia realized. 'I don't even know what he does when he's not helping at the Orphanage. What if he works for the Ministry?’, Tia thought deciding to wait for him. She decided to sit near the entrance so she could see him as he come in.
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