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Written for Hawk's Vocabulary Extravaganza, using vocab words to create a poem

The platelets coursing through my veins
Are rife with musical refrains
Your presence there ubiquitous
Though borne of thoughts fallacious

Succinct the images evoked
With every tender, measured stroke
Upon my skin ablaze with life
Your hands a sharpened surgeon’s knife

You carved my soul with every thrust
Deep in my flesh voluptuous
The warning signs too soon collate
I tried in vain to mitigate

Your thoughts of me are onerous
Of nothing but salaciousness
If only I’d prognosticated
This beast would not have been created

Intense, the moaning caterwaul
Of dark release, a blinding fall
Into the bowels of something dead
The putrid, vile, pearlescent thread

Where once the light, resplendent shone
The shadows wait like sentient stone
This living death you’ve given me
My Clandestine reality

25 lines, with header. Used every word in the vocabulary list
Except Popinjay, because it didn't fit in with the tone of the poem.

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