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This is about my feelings for my ex girlfriend, it's all completely from the soul.
Tell me how is it that the one person who hurt me the most.. is the one I love to death, I feel like a monster now and all I can think about is her..  2 weeks and she showed me the door but I never did anything wrong..  I let myself fall into her trap but yet I don’t regret it,  I keep thinking about what could have possibly happened; all these things wander through my mind and yet they are just nothing but painful memories of what could have been. 

I keep holding on, waiting..hoping,  that maybe, just maybe she’d come back and tell me that she loves me again.

Days go by..

Nothing but silence

Weeks go by..

Still nothing..

Months go by

I’m standing out here in the cold rain, waiting for her to realize that we’re meant to be and that she was wrong.

But I still stand with my broken heart lying on a silver platter, hoping she’ll come back and fix me.
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