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The charm of Chemistry
Chemistry is a branch of Science.

You study Chemistry if you opt for Science stream of Study. In the early stage of Study, it is a little piece of knowledge. But Chemistry is vast, so vast as life. Chemistry is Life. Whatever you see around you, living or non-living, is under the scope of Chemistry.

Chemistry provides you a lot of scope in career as Teacher, Lecturer, Scientist, Bio-chemist, Polymer chemist and other professions related to Chemicals.

If you are serious then you may feel that everything in this world is a chemical. Beginning from the water you drink to clothes you wear. You yourself is a chemical. Your skin contains proteins and lipids. Your body contains carbohydrates, proteins, fats, alkaloids etc.

No doubt, studying chemistry is boring. But that's its chram. There is chemistry in everyone of us. But the person who has got special inherent qualities for  Chemistry studies it and masters it. Chemistry is study of inner world. The world of matter that is always hidden from our vision. The world that we can not perceive. That's why people talk about Chemistry for inner traits also, like chemistry of music and chemistry of dance.

In scientific terms, Chemistry is the study of matter and its properties in terms of atoms and molecules.

In earlier days, its nature was purely philosophical. It took the form of Science due to work of alchemists and sages of old days. These people were always in search of the methods how to make gold, one of the precious metals, the methods to attain longevity and magical powers. All these endeavours in the past in the field of chemistry led chemistry to a world of mystery.

With the advent of Renaissance, Chemistry was also propelled to become the faculty of knowledge to be available to common masses. The early chemists have really worked very hard to take Chemistry out of Philosophical world to the world of Science. Nevertheless, the present day Chemistry is full of Philosophical theories, which will never cease to exist as the part of Chemistry because of the inherent nature of Chemistry.

The charm of Chemistry is that you cannot see Atoms and Molecules, on which Chemistry is based.

The charm of Chemistry is to study, to learn and to see the things happen.
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