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Adopting a dog is a big commitment. Be aware of what you need to know before you adopt.
Are you ready to adopt a dog? I'd love everyone to run over to their local shelter and take home a new forever friend. However, I want you to be absolutely sure that you're ready to adopt a dog. It's a big commitment. So let's think about what you should ask yourself before you adopt.

- Do you have the time and patience for a dog? Besides the basics of feeding and watering, you must be willing to train your new dog, play with your dog, make sure he gets plenty of exercise, clean up after your dog, and take him to the vet for routine checkups and unexpected illnesses or injuries.

- Do you have children? If you have small children is a dog just going to be too much more work-more like having another "child."  If you have small children, they won't be able to help and you'll need to teach them how to properly treat a dog. If you have older children who have promised to help care for the dog, will they really? Prepare yourself to be the primary caregiver for your dog. Different dogs are better suited for children.

-Do you have a spouse or another person you live with who wants a dog too? Make sure you're on the same page here. Not everyone wants a dog, and if your spouse doesn't want one, having a dog can be the source of lots of disagreements.

So, okay, now you know you want a dog, what type of dog should you choose? A big dog, a little dog, a furry dog, or one with not much hair? A puppy, a mature dog, or a senior dog-they need homes too! Do you want a very active dog, or one that's kind of a couch potato? Do you want a mixed breed or a mutt, or must you have a purebred? Be aware that purebred dogs need adoption too. There are rescue groups that specialize in specific breeds.So many things to think about! It's important that you make the right choice. No one wants to see that dog back in the shelter.

You may also consider fostering a dog before making a full time commitment. Many shelters need foster volunteers who care for the dog in their homes for a few weeks to a few months before they go to their forever homes. Dogs that are too young, or are nursing puppies, or are recovering from an illness or injury need to stay in foster care until they're ready to be adopted.

Now that you've given dog adoption lots of thoughts, make sure you adopt the right dog - read more about it here - http://www.adopt-the-right-dog.com.
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