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Rated: E · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #1709253
A little girl taken from family and returned 8 years later.
" I wanna change my ways, be the daughter you always wanted", was the voice that everyone missed. Renee, a beautiful, little ten year old girl, who never got the horse she wanted, or to watch her little sister grow up. When it came to Renee everyone loved her. She lite up a room when she walked in, was the life of the party, till that day. Renee was at soccer practice on that cold September day, when three men in a blue van grabbed her. Her mother at panic called 911. Renee was scared and confused. She wondered why this was happening to her, and what she did to deserve this. The cops asked a series of question, her mother just couldn't answer. Her father rushed home from work, to know what happened. Renee so confused, asked questions they just told her to "shut the hell up, and enjoy her life". Crying, panicking, and screaming was all she was doing at that point. They hit her, kicked her, mainly just brutally beat the shit out of her.They kept her till she turned eighteen. Imagine eight years without seeing your daughter, and your sister. She had one child in those eight years of captivity. She had her first baby boy at fourteen years old. She hated her life, and asked her everyday if they would just kill her, but she knew she couldn't just leave her baby. The day they let her go was the happiest day of her life. She walked to the nearest pay phone, and called her Mom. Her sister answered who was twelve now, and Renee asked for Mom. Mom went and got Renee and the baby.But what Renee didn't know was that her father killed himself the third year she was missing. Her mother was so happy they were home. Glad to be home she walked in the doors of her home and fell to the ground. Screaming "Dad", no one came. Crying and screaming, she punched and kicked the wall. Asking why this all had to happen to her.Her mother gave the baby to her sister. She calmed Renee down and took her upstairs, Renee slept for hours. She never had another worry in the world.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1709253-Kidnapped