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How awesome this God is to me.He is a very humorous God and He is always right.
                                                        THERE IS HOPE IN YOUR FUTURE
You may have a history, but you also have a prophecy,and your prophecy is more powerful than your history.It does not mater what you have been through, your future is worth fighting for. The strongest voice should be that of the future and not the past.Refuse to allow your ignorant past to keep bullying your enlightened present, choose to see your past failure as an event, not as a person.Opt for the grace that makes great, the grace that erases shame and changes it to fame. Remember Rahab the harlot in the Bible, she got a place in God's hall of fame. Then, He sure have a place for you. There is hope in your future.

Your past may discourage you, your present may depress you but your future will always motivate you. My greatest motivation is the reality of the future.Your future is the greatest motivation of destiny. When you make god all in all, He makes you head over all.
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