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My Journey Back to Me
Return to Stony Man…
My Journey Back to Me

The smallest feat can bring such joy
upon a battered heart –
‘Tis barely been twelve weeks ago
they cut my groin apart
and placed a stent into my vein
to give me some relief.
My feet have been a major pain -
a growing source of grief!

But things don’t always go as planned
as operations go;
Three aneurysms - blood clots - pain!
My rotten luck – ya know?
My convalescence took its time
as weeks and months rushed past…
Then something in a moment changed -
My tide had turned, at last!

It started on a holy date -
the day of Yom Kippur.
A time we ask forgiveness and
lament our own grandeur.
A day most Jews sit in the shul
with prayers they softly speak;
But me?  I climbed a mountain – high
atop its rocky peak…

We drove into the Skyline Drive;
her foothills painted gold.
God’s gifts were seen on every mount -
such wonders to behold!
Her privileged places – hidden jewels
and veiled paths, well-known…
It’s been three years since last I tried
to climb her grandest stone!

‘Twas on this day – God’s holy day
I scaled the Stony Man.
I rose above - where angels fly
accomplishing my plan
to go back to the things I love;
revitalized – anew!
I stood on high - right next to God;
held out my wings - and flew…  *Sun*

High Above the Skyline Drive... Skyline DriveHigh Above the Skyline Drive... High Above the Skyline Drive...

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