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The girls go oveboard on the trailers.
Home Improvements

It was a Friday and Jake and I were making progress on the S-10/46 Studebaker project. We had removed the cab and bed from the Chevy and replaced it with the cab and bed from the Stude. This was part of an article I was writing on how to build a respectable street rod for under $3000.

The UPS man came in with a parts order and remarked. “I just made a QVC delivery to your mobile home park…sure is a lot of activity taking place.”

“What kind of activity?”

“Landscaping and contractors with an insulation truck.”

“You don’t say?” I answered….“Jake, you know anything about this?”

“Well, Clarisse and I were talking about moving in together and I told her that the trailer gets too cold in the winter…that unless she wants to listen to you and Beth through the thin walls, that possibility is a non starter.”

“How about the landscaper…?”

“Don’t know anything about that one.”

“Maybe we ought to head over there and see what the girls are up to."

“Yeah, we can catch a “Nooner” while we’re there.”

We climbed in the Trans Am and drove over. Sure enough some contractors had just finished an outer wall at Jake’s place and were blowing in insulation. Clarissa came out of the trailer and motioned to him excitedly.

“Why don’t you go entertain her while I speak to Beth.”

I walked around the shrubs and post hole diggers that were scattered about. The landscapers were making a raised wall out of blocks. There was a pile of polished white stones nearby. Inside, I found Beth hanging curtains in the second bedroom.

“Hi Honey,” she said grinning as she launched herself into my arms.

“What the hell is going on here?” I asked.

“Just hanging drapes,” she replied innocently. There was a pile of her cloths on the bed that reached to the ceiling. In the closet piles of shoes were stacked and inside and on top of the chest of drawers were items of woman’s apparel stacked high.

“I’m moving in and doing a little redecorating,” she said reaching down and giving me a squeeze.

Pulling back I said irritably….“We need to have a talk.”

“Good idea!” she answered. There was grit in her eyes. Like someone expecting a fight and itching for it to start.

“Tell me about outside…”

“The entrance needed a little work…some shrubs to give our home ‘Curb Appeal.’”

“Who are we trying to impress?”

“When we have visitors I want the outside to look nice…are you angry?”

“Are you planning for a convention? Don’t you know that the outside is a man’s responsibility…”

She looked at me with defiance.

“No more improvements outside, without talking to me first. Got that?”

“Fair enough,” she answered. “Then the inside is my responsibility. So don’t be telling me what to do in here to make our house a home.”

“How are we going to afford all this?” I asked…

“You don’t get it do you Frank…? Living together two people are expected to share expenses. You take care of the rent and I’ll pay the utilities. You cut the grass and take care of the garbage and I’ll take care of the food. Fair enough?” she asked, eyes full of fire.

“ I suppose.” She melted into my arms and began unbuttoning my shirt…do we have time for our first ‘quickie?‘” she asked.

“If we hurry…" I said turning off my cell phone...if that’s possible with you.”

“I’m having so much fun” she said pulling down her britches.

I unbuckled my belt and sat down on the bed.

“Clarisse is having their trailer insulated so she can move in with Jake….”

“Their trailer…?”

“He told her she could move in.”

“Am I setting a bad example for the boy?”

“You are setting a wonderful example. They have really grown together the past couple of weeks.”

“She’s been all over him…”

“How about me…do you feel neglected?”

“You’re the best thing that ever happened.”

I pulled off my shoes and socks.

“Come to me big boy,” she said laying back and looking down over her bra.

I crawled on top and entered.

“Oh Gawd,” she groaned. “We were made for each other.”

The tension evaporated as we coupled and began slipping in and out. There was a wet friction between our bodies that was absolutely delightful.

“Lets not be in a hurry…make it last…I need you so bad.”

I breathed deep and began stroking slowly back and forth. As I pushed in she spread reclining, as I withdrew she rose up in response.

“We’re getting good at this,” she said, giggling with enthusiasm.

I picked up the tempo, gradually at first, then with more eagerness. My hands reached back and underneath, unsnapping her bra. Two gorgeous breasts spilled out glistening with sweat. They heaved up and down as we did the dance…It was evident that we were becoming more experienced. Our bodies were learning each other and moving with a more rhythmic and practiced grace.

“Don’t be angry with me,” she pleaded.

“How could I ever be that?”

I felt her come, first with a little squeak and then with an organism that surged like a rolling thunder…. “I love you , I love you,” she cried out…quivering on my staff.

Holding her wrists to the mattress I rode hard. She thrashed with yearning and whimpered, “Thank you, thank you.”

I came with a rush, spewing inside like a firehose. Outside I heard the rumble of lake pipes coming down the lane. Jake called out... “Put her in the stall, big guy…We have a client waiting at the shop.”
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