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by Otakon
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A view on living outside of the group, and the consequences.
We make our choices in life,
Choices that can lead to love, or to strife

I say
They say

Some choose to exclaim
That their way brings truth and a glorious fame

I listen to myself
They tell all what to say

They tell I should follow only the path chosen by them
That their way alone will produce the prophesied win

I seek truths
They give their opinions

When I challenge them They exclaim I am wrong
They, then, threaten to strike my head, to make it ring, ring, ring like the gong

I desire fresh life
They read only the dictates of those before them

If I show truth, If I show proof
Then They attack and strike their heaviest of blows

I am free to exist
They continue to do naught but to resist

So I will leave them to their fears, I am free to go
And watch them blind themselves to the ideas to come

I will continue and learn
They will slide away and resist the changes that all must go through

I am mobile, I am free
They are bound; They wear the collars with pride

I can choose to learn, I can choose to live here, live in the here and the now
They will say all must yearn, They will follow truths untested, unmoving, crumbling around

I will choose to move on
They do naught but remain hidden by veils of the past

Freedom and choice belong to the few as well as the all
Not the dictates of the way alone, who those against calamity will fall

I choose
They choose...
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