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The vampire with pure white hair and blood red eyes...
Chapter One: Alphonse Black

His breath was heavy, and his heart was pounding. Rain slapped his face, as he ran through the cold, darkness. As he ran, he closed his eyes, and held back his tears, trying to think of a nice life. A kind of life he would never have.
"Once lost, something can never return," Alphonse whispered to himself, sitting in his chair. Mafune raised an eyebrow, "Pardon, did you say something, young master?"
"No nothing. Just thinking out loud,"

"Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm going to be late on my first day! Ugh!" Mitsuki yelled to herself, as she rushed to her new school.
She flung the classroom door open, and said, "Sorry, so sorry, I didn't mean to be late, I'm so so sorry!"
The teacher snorted, "It's fine, just don't let it happen again. You are not off to a very good start, are you, Miss.Fujishima?"
She sighed, and sat at the empty desk in the class.

At lunch, Three girls came up to her, "Hey, sucks for you. You got on Miss.tanaka's bad side, your life at school is going to be hell now," One of the girls said. She had short, curly, orange hair, and green eyes. "I'm Momo,"
Another girl shook her head. She had short, black hair with bangs, and light blue eyes. "My name's Karin,"
The last one laughed. She had long, light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. "And I'd be Sarah,"
Mitsuki smiled, "My name's Mitsuki,"
"Wow, so you're japanese?" Momo asked.
"Well yeah, but I've been traveling all over the world ever since I was a little girl,"
"Wow, that's so cool, I wish my life was interesting," Sarah laughed.
"Well, that one thing is pretty interesting," Momo grinned.
"What thing?" Mitsuki asked.
"No, no, don't tell the story, I hate scary stories!" Karin whined.
Mitsuki's eyes lit up, "Did she say it was a scary story? Tell, tell me, tell me!"
Momo cleared her throught, "Ok, well, we have a vampire living on black gates hill," She began, "A vampire with silver hair, and blood red eyes," She said in a low, whisper voice. Karin squealed, but Momo continued, "They say he's lived in the mansion up there for 200 years! No one ever goes near It, because if they do..." Momo snuck up to Karin, and jumped at her as she said, "He'll eat ya!" Momo and Sarah laughed when Karin screamed, she replied, "That wasn't funny guys," In her high pitched, shy voice.
Mitsuki thought about the vampire on black gates hill for the rest of the day.
At the end of the school day, mitsuki asked where black gates hill was.
"You can't go there, you'll get eaten!" Karin yelled.
"Please just tell me where it is," Mitsuki pushed.
Momo chimed in, "But Mitsuki-"
Mitsuki smiled, and gave a thumbs up, "It's Ok, I live for this kind of stuff! Don't you see, this is my big chance!"
"I study the supernatural, and strange phenomenon!"
"Huh!?" The three girls all said at once.

She walked to where the girls told her the hill was, and sure enough, when she got to the hill, a huge, black mansion stood on it. It was old fashion, like one that might have been popular in england about one hundred to two hundred years ago. She thought, that would fit what Momo said about him living for 200 some years. "Hmmm," She said to herself, as she walked over to the huge, black gate, lined with red and black roses. She tried again and again to open the gate, but it was no use.

"Humph!" She snorted, and began climbing over, "As if that would stop me!"
Once she was in, she looked around at the dark, gloomy garden that lay in front of her. It, and the mansion looked as if it had been standing still, watching time pass in black and white for centuries. It wasn't scary... ...But, sad.
Then, she heard a voice.
"What are you doing here, do you know where you are?" The voice asked impatiently. She quickly turned to see a boy standing elegantly, and gracefully, yet in some way taunting, with short, neat silver hair, with bangs, and blood red eyes. He wore a long black cloak with a high collar, that he wore unbuttoned, with a thick red sash wrapped around his shoulders, upper chest, and back, and another red sash hanging almost like a scarf from his shoulders, with a black cross on the end of each side. Under the cloak, he wore a dark red shirt, and black leather pants with plane black shoes.
Her eyes sparkled, and her cheeks were bright red, "A-are you..." She paused, looking over him, "The vampire on black gates hill?"
He raised an eyebrow, and jumped down from the gate, with his hands in his pocket, to look her in the eyes, "Indeed," He whispered. "Once lost, something can never return," He said with a distant look.
He shook his head, "Just thinking out loud."
She bit her lip to keep from squealing, and she grabbed his hands in hers, "Wow, I can't believe it! A real live vampire

right in front of me! Wow! Omigosh!"
He gave her a confused look, "E-excuse me?"
She rubbed his hands, "I can't believe it, it's godda be a dream!"
"What are you talking about? Aren't you going to freak out and run?"
"Why would I do that!? I might never get a chance like this again!"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
She smiled, "I investigate the supernatural, and strange phenomenon!"
"You what?!" He asked, confused. Pulling his hands back, he yelled, "W-what are weirdo!"
Her eyes widened. The word rang in her head, flashing memories back. Weirdo, weirdo, weirdo... Just then, a tall handsome man dressed like a butler stepped out. He bowed at her, "Pardon my young master, we haven't had a pleasant guest in a long time,"
"Young master?" She asked suspiciously.
"That's correct, this is the young master of this mansion, Lord Alphonse Alexander Black,"
Her eyes widened, "L-lord? But..." She looked at him, "He's just a little kid,"
Alphonse's eye twitched, "I am not a little kid!" He yelled furiously.
"But you can't be any older than 12-"
"Gagh!You saying I'm short!? Huh!? You are aren't you!?"
"No, actually you're pretty tall for twelve,"
"I'm not twelve!"

He sighed, "Look, I may look young to you, but I can tell you I have lived longer than many of your life times,"
Her eyes sparkled, "Wow, exactly the kind of thing a vampire would say! Your mannerisms, your hair, your tone of voice and way of speaking, the style of your mansion, You have to be a vampire, and one that has been alive for at least 200 some years, most of the years in england. Your old fashion is handsome and gentleman like, and yet you yourself make it seem dark and twisted. You are deffinatly a vampire! I can't believe it, you even have fangs! Unnatural hair color, and eyes the color of blood, along with pale skin, there's no mistaking it!"
Alphonse stared at her wide eyed, and his butler mafune just smiled. "Y-you, who are you?"
She smiled, "My name is Mitsuki Fujishima, It's very nice to meet you Mr.vampire,"

"Mafune, I don't approve of this,"
The butler smiled, "But sir, It has been a very long time since we've had an accepting guest,"
He sighed, "Fine, fine,"
"So, short-stack-"
"Don't you even start calling me that!"
She ignored him, "Tell me all about vampires, please,"
He raised an eyebrow, "Why?"
"Young master, please try to be more pleasant," Mafune chimed.
He sighed, "Well, for one we don't drink blood, we feed on

human souls through their blood to sustain life. We are creatures that have been hated, and feared for as long as any of us can remember. We've always hid in the darkness. Some of us out of fear; Of dying, of being hated, or many other reasons. Some of us, the pain and suffering has driven us there, to madness. What ever the reason, we have never, and will never belong with or in the light. Some of us have excepted the darkness, others have not, but the fact of the matter is we are what we are, and we aren't something... ..To be desired."
"Wow, I can't believe it, this is so oh mega cool! You are the ideal vampire, exactly as me and my father had imagined. Besides you living and dressing style, you talk of self hate, and deep unremovable despair that has lingered for hundreds of years, and the look in your eyes... ..Sad, and lonely."
He raised an eyebrow, "Glad you approve, but I was trying to be serious,"
"I am being serious, very serious!"
"What kind of girl are you anyway!?"
She smiled, but her eyes were sad as she said, "I'm not normal. I never have been, and I never will be. But.. ...I don't want to be normal, It's just not me. My father, everyone always called him strange, creepy, weird... ...But I always looked up to him. He told me to always look forward, never back, and no matter how many times you get pushed down, You'll just be that much stronger when you get back up,"
Alphonse's eyes were wide, and mafune smiled and said, "Heart warming, you must really love your father,"
She smiled, "I did,"

Mafune sighed, "Oh, I see..." He said in a sympathetic tone.
"Mafune, this human isn't in need of your pity, so stop you're making me sick,"
"But young master-"
"It's alright, he's right. I don't need, nor want, pity."
Mafune sighed, "Yes, but I wish the young lord could at least try to be pleasant, It's the first time in a long time We've had a lady in the house,"
Alphonse gridded his teeth, " What do you mean by that, mafune?"
"I meant nothing by it my lord, I was simply implying-"
"Oh no, the way you said it, you deffinatly meant something by it,"
"Not at all my lord,"
"You think I'm short, Don't you!" He yelled.
"No sir, I think no such thing,"
Mitsuki laughed, "Well, I think you're short, I mean you say your like 200 hundred years old, but your only an inch taller than me, and I'm the shortest person in my class!" She laughed.
Mafune sighed, "You really shouldn't have said that, he's very sensitive about his hight,"
Alphonse gridded his teeth, and growled, "Ugh! I can't believe the nerve! I am not short! I'm not! I'm not! I'M NOOOOOOOT!" He yelled, "Get-the-hell-Out!"
"Now!" He screamed.
Her eyes widened, then she sighed, heading for the door.

mafune sighed, leaning down to look Alphonse in the eyes, "Are you sure my lord? She seemed like a very nice girl, and she... ...very closely resembled-"
Alphonse cut him off instantly, "I told you never to speak her name in my presence again, did I not Mafune? Would you dare defy me?" He almost yelled, turning to look away from mafune.
Mafune sighed, and with a sympathetic tone said, "Of course not my lord, I just thought-"
"Something once lost can never return..." Alphonse whispered in a lonely tone, looking at the floor.
"Pardon, my lord?"
"Nothing," He said, standing up from his seat, "Just thinking out loud again," He finished as he began walking down the hall to his room.
"Of course, my lord," Mafune said, quietly following behind him.

"Damn," Mitsuki whispered to herself, as she swung on the swings in the dark as it began to rain. "Now I have no where to go," She sighed. Just then she heard something to her right. She stopped swinging to look over. She narrowed her eyes, and after staring in the direction the sound came from, she went back to swinging. But she couldn't shake the bad feeling in her gut. The air was cold, and the rain soaked her. The shadows seemed to twist as the swing creaked, and her heart ached in fear. She gulped as she slowly stopped swinging. For several moments it was completely silent, then...
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