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part 2... (there will be many parts)
A man with heavy bags under his eyes, and a sickening unnatural skin color, sprung from the woods near the park. The woods was a few feet away, and the rain blurred her image of him. But she could make out a large, evil grin stretched across his face, and his insane laugh rippled through the wind and rain. Her eyes were wide in fear, and she was paralyzed in her seat. Her breathing became heavy, and she couldn't think clearly. I... She thought. I'm going to... In an instant the man was behind her, his mad laugh ringing in her ear. Die... Just as she finished her thought, the man pulled out a strange knife, and aimed it at her, grinning and laughing the whole time. Her eyes opened even wider, and her whole body began to shake in fear. Tears flowed from her eyes, and she closed them, putting her hands over her head and waiting for the pain.... ...But, then, she didn't hear laughing anymore. She opened her eyes (Half expecting to be in limbo) to see The butler, mafune standing in front of her, holding off the mans knife with his bare arm. Her eyes were wide as she stared at him. He looked back to smile at her, "Don't worry Miss.Mitsuki, I'll make sure you're safe, Ok?"
After a moments hesitation, she slowly, quietly shook her head. He smiled one last time before turning back to the man. The man started laughing again, one of his eyes twitching, "Humph, a vampire, huh?" He snickered, and lunged at mafune, who quickly dodged, and stabbed his hand through the man's gut, and smiling a strangely kind smile, said, "Yes, I suppose I will see you In hell, won't I?" And with that, he removed his hand, and the man dropped dead.

Mafune turned to Mitsuki with a uneasy smile, "Oh, well, Guess the cat's out of the bag huh?"
"What in the hell is going on here?" She asked, slightly hesitant.
He laughed in an almost exasperated way, and said, "Well on the bright said you'll have to stay with The young lord and I now...." After a pause, his face straightened, and his tone became serious, "That was a Kodoku,"
"A... ...Kodoku?" Mitsuki asked.
He shook his head, "Yeah, they are the souls of people who died, but they are tainted with evil, and bound to this earth to kill, and will never stop on till they are "killed", only then can their souls go back to resting in peace. An elite group of "special" vampires, known as the "kuroi chi clan" are making and controlling them for, as of now, unknown reasons."
"Kuroi chi? That's japanese, It translates to...."
Before she could finish, mafune said, "Yes, it translates black blood. These vampires have, as said by their name, black blood. The black blood has special alchemy abilities, and can turn into different kinds of metal to protect the body. But the vampire has to have at least a few seconds notice to activate it. You can tell them apart easily from normal vampires because, unlike normal vampires that have golden eyes, there's are blood red,"
Her eyes widened, "But Alphonse's eyes...."
Mafune sighed, "Yes, the young lord is indeed a black blood, but he is no longer apart of the kuroi chi clan...
...A very long time ago, He was apart of the clan, but.... ...Well, It would be disrespectful of me to tell you the

young lord's past while he isn't present, so, if you wouldn't mind why don't we head back to the mansion,"
After a moment, she slowly shook her head, "Yeah, Ok...."

They walked through the large black gates, and into the mansion.
When they stepped in, Alphonse was standing by the door with his arms crossed, "Mafune, You DID NOT go get that girl," He said aggravated.
Mafune laughed, "Well sir, I was out killing a kodoku and It happened to be attacking her,"
He narrowed his eyes, "It wouldn't be the one you were suppose to take care of earlier today would it? You didn't happen to set this whole charade up, did you?" He asked suspiciously.
"Now, young lord, where would you get a crazy idea like that?" After a pause, he said, "At any rate, I have explained to her what a kodoku is, and vaguely about the kuroi chi clan. If you wish to tell her more about yourself that is up to you, but she is indeed involved now, and will stay here from now on,"
"You aren't giving me an order are you mafune, Don't forget, you serve me,"
"No my lord, I am simply pointing out what is coming to pass, sir, merely informing you on the situation,"
"Uh-uh...." He said, unconvinced. After a few minutes, he sighed, "Fine, what ever, I guess we have no choice,"
Mitsuki's face lit up, "Wow, you're really going to let me stay here!?"

He sighed, "Yeah...."
Mafune smiled, "It'll be just like having an-" Mafune stopped himself, but he looked over to see Alphonse was already mad. He gridded his teeth, his hands in fists, but he remained silent. After a few seconds, he said, "Mafune, You just don't know when to quit. If you don't cut that out you're going to get your ass fired! Now, if you don't mind, I'll retire for the night," He said, walking down the hall to his room.
"What was that about?" Mitsuki asked.
Mafune sighed, "Well, I suppose I'll tell you anyway... ...There is a place called Vampire Academy, for vampires of all ages, and lord alphonse, when he was really young, stayed there too. And he soon met a young girl named Anna, and they became best friends. Believe it or not, back then he was a real cry baby, but anna always knew how to cheer him up, make him smile. But, about what was one year later to them, but would have been about 13 years for humans, the VA found out that Alphonse had black blood, and they burned his house down, and kicked him out, then guards with guns planned to shoot him, Anna tried to get them to stop, she yelled at them, and then, she started attacking them. But, more guards came from behind, and right in front of his eyes, as he ran away, they shot her down. That's when the Kuroi chi clan found and took him in, but a few years later, he ran away from there too... ...But straight to the point... you look remarkably like Miss.Anna,"
Her eyes turned sad, and her voice was low, "Oh, I see, so that's how It is," Her voice, and thoughts began to wonder as she said the words.

Mafune sighed, and from the look on her face, not even he tried to smile.

"Alphonse..." He heard a faint voice say. "huh? Who's there!?" He yelled back at the voice. After a pause, he heard it again, "Alphonse... ...Help, help me.... ...Alphonse..."
He looked around for the voice's host, but saw no one. Only black, endless black. But the voice continued to echo in his head. He held his head, "Ugh-" Then his eyes widened, and every nerve in his body shut down. Chills ran down his spine, and he nearly cried at the sight of the young girl with pale skin, and long black hair
, the sight of Anna standing in front of him, healthy and well. He sighed, "Oh, it must be a dream..." Tears ran down her face, and he quickly ran to her, "Anna? Anna, what's wrong? Anna?" But no matter what he said, she kept crying, and saying, "Alphonse.... Help me.... Alphonse...." But then, she touched his face, and stroked his cheek. His eyes widened, and after a moment, he wrapped his arms around her, draping her in a tight hug. She felt warm, like she always did. Squeezing her, he smiled as he said, "Oh, Anna, I missed you so much...." But then, she suddenly felt cold. His eyes widened, and he backed away, to see her crying again, begging for him to help her, blood dripping from her cloths. "No..." He stuttered, "No!"

His eyes flashed open, and he could feel sweat all over his body, his breathing heavy. He sighed. Then, still a little

drowsy, he rolled over on his side. His vision slowly cleared, and at first what was in front of him didn't phase him...
at first he thought he was still dreaming when he looked at her face, and he mumbled, "Anna?" But then His eyes widened, and It felt as if his head exploded and his nervous system shut down. He practically screamed at the sight of the young, pale girl, with short black hair and electric blue eyes laying next to him. Her eyes slowly fluttered open, and she rubbed one eye, as she slowly sat up, "Oh, morning," She said calmly. Then, he screamed, "Mafuneeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"
The butler quickly came in, "Yes my lord?" He said politely.
"Don't you "Yes my lord?" Me! Why the HELL is Mitsuki in my bed!!!!!" He yelled.
Mafune laughed, "Don't ask me sir, what ever did you do to the poor young girl, don't tell me you violated her..."
"Don't even joke like that!" Alphonse comanded.
Mafune sighed, "We have plenty of spare rooms, but a total of zero spare beds, sir, the only other was my own,"
"Then she should have slept there!" He said irritatedly. After a moment, he sighed, "Ugh, fine what ever, just don't let It happen again, We can go pick one out for you in an hour or so, Ok?" He said, turning to her.
"B-but I have to go to school,"
"School? Well, you wont need to attend unnecessary things like that anymore,"
"But I'm a kid, I have to go to school, don't you go to school? You seem... Intelligent,"
"Of course I am, but I have not attended school once in my very long life time,"

She groaned, "Well, I'm going, and speaking of which, I'm going to be late! Shit, not again!" She said, running out of the door, and stumbling as she got her things together.
"Wait, but-" But before he could finish, she was gone. He sighed, and mafune smiled, "I know you told me never to say anything on the subject sir, but you must admit it's nice, having her here. Like having, Ah-" He stumbled on his last
words, observing Alphonse's face, but surprisingly, he was almost smiling, "Like having Anna back," He finished mafune's sentence. At first, mafune was shocked, but then he just smiled, and shook his head.
He sighed, then said, "Mafune, find out what school she attends, what all her classes are, and her teachers. Find out her schedule, and when she gets out of school, and also if she is enrolled in any extra curricular events that take up extra time."
"Wow, If you don't mind me saying so Sir, you're quite serious about this," He said with a smile.
Alphonse blushed, "Shut-up! We have to know where she is and what she's doing at all times, the time we let our guard down is the time they kill her!"
He sighed, "Yes, her blood is rather... ...extraordinary, isn't it Sir?"
But Alphonse didn't respond.

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