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part 3.....
School seemed to flash past in a slow blur. All Mitsuki could think about was her new vampire friends. She couldn't believe her dreams had come true. It was amazing, and unfathomable.

She thought of Mafune, who always wore a innocent smile, but It seemed as if he was always hiding something. And she couldn't figure out Alphonse at all. She wished she new what
He was thinking. He was always so down, so apathetic. (Except when It came to his hight.) He was so distant, and she couldn't think or follow how his mind worked.
Just then, Karin snapped Mitsuki out of her thoughts, and said, "Mitsuki, we're all going to hang at McDonnell's, please come with us?"
Mitsuki's eyes widened, "Oh, I dunno," She sighed, thinking about Alphonse, and how he had really not wanted her to leave the house. Would he be upset if she stayed out with out telling him? She stopped herself, and thought, What is he, my father? I can do what I want, that'll show him! So she replied, "Actually, sure. I'd love to!"
"Great," Momo said, grabbing her hand, "Let's go!"

At McDonnell's, they all sat at the table, talking about random things. Then, Momo asked Mitsuki, "Do you have a boyfriend Mitsuki?"
Mitsuki's eyes widened, and she blushed, "No-not really-"
"Not really? What does that mean?" Karin asked.
"It means she has a boyfriend that she's not sure about, duh."
"Wow, Momo, your amazing, how did you know that!?" Karin asked.
Mitsuki's whole face was red, "What? No! I mean, well, I don't know If you'd call him my boyfriend-" she laughed at who they were considering to be her boyfriend. Alphonse. He

was kind of cute- Momo cut her thought off, "So, what kind of person is he?"
"Well..." She considered for a moment, then said, "He's kind
of hard to read. He has a horrible past, and he had many hidden scars from that. He's pretty quiet, except when people make fun of his hight. He's always very serious, and from what I can tell self hating and Apathetic..."
"No way, you're dating an Emo guy!?"
"Seriously!? I've always kind of wanted one, I don't know... ...But you're kind of Emo yourself-"
"No, she looks more goth, plus she doesn't act depressed, she's more Lolita,"
"Wait, but that's not all there is to him!" She added. "He's not around people much, and he's never really felt very much love or had many friends, so he doesn't know how to handle these new feelings, or at least that's what It seems like. He just acts out because he doesn't now how to handle it. He just has a different way of handling things, where it seems like he's being selfish, but he's really only ever thinking of others and never himself, he just doesn't want people to know that for what ever reason."
"Wow, Mitsuki, you sound like you're really in love with this guy!" Momo said.
Karin put her hands to her cheeks, "I wish I had someone to love like that, He sounds nice,"
Her whole face turned red, and she couldn't believe what she had just said. She barley knew him, and she already knew that much about him? And they said love? She couldn't be... ...In love with Alphonse... ...Could she? "I-I-I...-" She struggled to

talk, but no words would come. Love Alphonse? Then she remembered something, and the only thing she could manage to say was, "Well, actually, His, uh... ...ex-girlfrined, I apparently look just like her, and they had some, difficulties, so on one hand he doesn't like seeing her in me because it bring back bad memories, but on the other hand it also brings back good ones, so...."
"Get out!" Momo yelled, "Sounds like he just likes you 'couse you're like is Ex, plus It's obvious he's not even close to over her! Ugh! This is just great!"
Mitsuki's eyes widened, "I hadn't thought of it that way..."
"I can't believe you have a two timing boyfriend, wow..."
About an hour later, the girls parted ways, and the whole way home she thought of what the girls had said, and what
she'd said. She was shocked to find herself already thinking of the mansion has her home. She was in deep thought, the whole way till she got to the door. When she opened it Alphonse stood there, but his hair was brown, and his eyes were green. "Short-stack?"
He blushed, "Don't you even call me that! I aint short, got it!"
She sighed exasperatedly, " Yep, that's deffinatly you." After a pause she said, "But why do you look l-"
But before she could finish, Alphonse had taken hold of her shoulders, his eyes wide, "Where the hell were you!? I got info on your school, and It released students hours ago! We looked everywhere for you, we thought the Kodoku!-" He couldn't finish his sentence. At first she was a little scared at his raised voice, but then she smiled, "You, you were that worried about

He blushed, "Uh, don't get the wrong Idea! Listen, your blood is especially attractive to vampires for some reason, the second we don't know where you are is the second they strike. I just..." He paused, looking sad. "I just couldn't watch another person die..."
Her eyes widened sympathetically, "Alphonse..." She looked down in thought, then asked, "I was wondering... ...your apathy, the way you don't want people to know you care about others more than yourself-"
"Where are you getting this shit from?"
"Don't try to play dumb, I have you figured out,"
He laughed, a short, almost evil laugh, "Oh, do you?"
"I just want to know why? Why do you hide your kindness?"
"I don't know what you're talking about, I have no kindness to hide. My kindness has long run out, along with my ability to feel happy. They are useless things, that only get in the way."
She bit back tears, "I-I don't believe you, I know that you're really a good pers-"
"Shut up!" His angered voice rippled through the empty halls, and she was starting to feel scared, and frustrated. He continued yelling, "Stop acting like you know everything about me! We barley know each other! You don't know anything about me! So stop acting like your going to save the world, or save me, because I can tell you right now, that's never going to happen!"
It took everything in her to hold back her tears, and she couldn't manage to speak. He sighed, ruffly, and vanished down the hall. Before following him, mafune turned to her and

said, "Don't worry, and please, don't be to upset with him. For the most part you're right about him, he just doesn't realize it, nor will he ever admit it. But he did go out looking for you all day, even though he's deadly sensitive to the sun. He really was very worried about you," And then he vanished after Alphonse. Mafune's words made her feel batter, and the tears slowly went back in. Alphonse.

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