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A poem to my dear beloved Asian boyfriend.

Please forgive me,
But I don’t like fish.
I’ll eat nato,
And udon
But not that damned fish.
I’ll eat manjuu
And dango,
And pickled daikon,
But please don’t make me
Eat any fish.

This is where the East
Separates from the West.
There the sun rises,
And here the sun sets.
It’s not because I’m picky,
It’s because you’ve lived near the sea.
Eating unagi,
And uni,
And other salty sea things.

I can’t even bring myself
To swim in the ocean;
It smells like sashimi. 
I can’t go to the buffet,
Because it sells sushi.

The mere sight of fish
Is an atrocity.
Please don’t make it,
Don’t buy it,
And don’t eat it in front of me.

With all that said and done,
You get the message.
Next meshi I’ll be waiting;          

Don’t you dare cook fish.

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