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Why go to college for the money or for higher goals?
Recently, a young man informed me that he was studying engineering at a national university. So having an ongoing interest in science and engineering I began to discuss various aspects of engineering I found interesting and that's when he informed me that he had no knowledge or interest in science. So I asked what I thought was the obvious question. "Then why are you studying engineering?" That's when I discovered that the words " Then Why" are actually magic words. When I say those words a second head sprouts next to the original and begins making rude faces at whomever I am speaking to. At least that is what I assume happens considering the "what the heck" look I was getting from this boy twenty years my junior. After a few seconds he was able to tear himself away from the hypnotically rude powers of my second head and answered my question. "Are you Joking? Do you know how much they make? I can start working at any of the local factories from day one and make twenty-five dollars an hour."

And there it was. The answer I was not expecting was the most obvious. I had no come back, no witty response, and at the time no arguments. So all I could really do was close the gaping mouths on both my head and just walk away. The only problem is that when someone uses a logical response to counteract one of your core beliefs it causes a small uneasiness in your mind. At first you ignore the uneasiness and go on with your life, but it doesn't stay as just an uneasiness but grows into a small pressure eating away at the back of your mind. Back there with those odd Jeopardy answers you never actually knew you knew are hiding. As it starts to grow you decide to detach yourself from it buy saying "Well I wouldn't do that. It may be fine for him, but not for me." Now that it is all fine and dandy so are you. You have justified it. It is him not you, but that detachment causes the pressure to start building faster. Finally with a snap, crackle, and a pop the flood gates open and the rant begins..........


I have no problem doing stuff for money. With out that little gem of an idea the economy would be non existent. Then what would all those economist do all day? What bothers me is that there is a limited amount of money any school, loan department, or government has to send people to college with. If that wasn't true I would be sitting in class right now a seventh year freshman, but why should this guy or any person take that money away from someone who is truly needing it and who actually love that course of study. I mean if you want to make money then study business or become one of those before mentioned economist. Why fill a slot it a department that has limited space to begin with if you really don't care if you are there or not? And this isn't an isolated case. It happens all the time. Someone wants to become a doctor, so that no other thirteen year old looses either one or both their parents to cancer, but they can't get the money for school. Why because it was given to some schmuck who's sole goal in life is to make the big buck enlarging this actress or that actress' breasts in sunny California. I think any department that has the potential for the betterment of mankind should be completely over hauled. Ask every single student why they want to go into that course of study and if they answer to make the big bucks they are out and if they answer for the betterment of mankind their in. Now I am not saying they shouldn't go to school just that if they are more interested in money then anything else then let them study money not medicine or engineering or what ever. Now I know this little rant won't change things. The schmuck will still go to Beverly Hills and the person who has the cure for cancer locked in the brain somewhere will still be flipping burgers and asking you if you want fries with that. I just hope it makes you wonder what is going on out there that making the big bucks is higher on the list of priorities then helping your fellow man, and if all you got out of this was the fact that I have two heads don't worry the bag boy at the market suggested a salve for that and it was gone in a few days. I also would like to know if you are not learning anything then why are you........dang! Where did I put that salve.
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