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A poem comparing chocolate to life in the cyber age.
Delicious nougat, rich caramel, and silky smooth milk chocolate
Lay surreptitiously on the table in the corner of the remote and tidy den;
A very plump, elderly kitty sleeps cozily in another room
Across the hall, while in the white-paneled kitchen
With beige cooking and ice cold storage devices,
A young man in his early thirties prepares a pastrami, pickles,
And mustard sandwich, which he will ardently devour while fully engaged
On his busy PC in his temporarily vacant, noiseless den.
Later, with countless new messages to open and reply to,
And numerous videos and entertainment to explore
On his auspicious, digital, and homely portal,
He will certainly hunger for the sweet, sinful goodness
Of the decadent and tasty chocolate bar,
And remark with delight how his world is so scrumptiously
Quaint, yet so unnecessarily trifling,
In this robust, technological age of cyber-connectivity
And informative gadgetry;
A world of fast-paced introductions and instantaneous needs
Gathered neatly together
Within a human fingertips’ reach!
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