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Announcing my latest novel titled "Telekinesis" currently in production
Announcing the publication of my latest novel,titled "Telekinesis",which is defined as having the supernatural ability to move inanimate objects with ones mind.Julie McManus is a troubled teenage mother who gets pregnant when she decides to sleep with a guy she meets in college,after her long-time boyfriend,Johnny, goes away to college.Julie shames her family and runs away to New York.A friend of hers at the New York diner that she works at,shortly thereafter,advises her to sign up for a program at a local health clinic, where they inject experimental drugs into many-a-young,pregnant mother.Julie then gives birth,and tries to raise the baby,but a few months later,she realizes that she can't,and abandons said baby in an alleyway.Elizabeth and Michael Flannigan,a rich,New York couple are coming out of a Broadway play,one mid-November evening in the year 2018,when they hear the cries of a baby in a nearby alleyway.The Flannigans find the source of the crying,from a baby,swaddled in a pink blanket,obviously abandoned by its mother.The Flannigans take her in, feed her,and clothe her,and though Michael Flannigan wants to call the police,and give the baby to the proper authorities,his wife,Elizabeth,has other plans and soon she convinces him to file to adopt the baby that they name Carol Anne,after a character in a movie that they end up watching the night that they found this abandoned baby,after his detective friend, Jeff,is unable to find the mother,or any "next of kin".Eventually, the Flannigans win custody of baby Carol Anne,but soon after they do so,they find out just why Carol Anne's birth-mother abandoned her.She has the ability to move inanimate objects with her mind,called telekinesis,and they soon discover that she's not alone,as there seem to be millions just like her,in more ways than one.
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