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Erotic and seductive poem, right romance.
You  knw  we  neva  got  to  talk  about  it.

Never  knew  if  you  liked  it.

Never  knew  if  it  could  be  done  again  sometime.

Never  told  you  your  beauty  was  so  complete  even  at  that.

Never  said  if  it  was  the  best  i  ever  had.

Never  complimented  your  wildness  and  creativity.

Never  new  nasty  was  a  good  word.

Never  knew  craziness  could  be  enjoyed.

Hmm  am  so  nasty  maself.

Could  stand  up  for  anything  with  you.

I  could  go  wild  and  crazy  too.

I  could  put  your  satisfaction  first.

I  could  spend  a day  at  your  left  neck  with  ice  cream  and  strawberries.

I  could  be  left  under  for  hours.

I  could  lock  lips  for  days.

I've  gat  the  muscular  and  flexibility  like  you.

I've  gat  the  perfect physique  like you.

I've  gat  the  work out  bod  like  you.

I've gat packs fixed like  your  hips.

I've gat foreplay like you.

I  wait like you.

To  allow it roll out.

To let it flow.

To leave the best for the last.

To savour the best at the last.

To say the right words into the right side of the ear.

To listen carefully to commands but understands to stop not when told to.

To follow the your lead.

To put my mind in your head and direct the fantasies going on.

To think accordingly.

To realise every single sign you give.

A sign to what to do.

Hmm i could go on forever.

You are just so good that you deserve a mate who has known the every single you.

That night, the quest to knowing you was completed.

And now whether you run away or u play outside for a while, you can never hide.
The next time my eyes are set on you, I will whisk you away like a knight on a white horse.
To put you at the right side of the world and give and show you what no one has or ever will give you.
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