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These are the starting posts for the Tia's plotline. There are 3 of them.
Feeling like I am Being Watched: Starting Post

Tia had mixed emotions going back to St. Francis for Christmas. On one hand she was glad that she would be seeing Seth and Mrs. Wright again. On the other she hated the fact that she still had not heard from them. Even Jayce had sent letters to them and still no reply back. The only thing Tia could think was that either Mrs. Wright was mad that Tia found out or that somebody didn't want those letters answered.

'Who could want me to be kept in the dark about my past?' ,Tia thought. She realized somebody didn't want her in Canada with Jayce and Miranda for Christmas either. 'The letter that we wrote just about me spending X-mas in Canada was also never answered. I have to assume that they never got them. That why I had to come back to St. Francis. If I went to Jayce's without Seth knowledge, he would come looking.’, Tia remembering her overprotective friend.

With everything that had happened at the school, she really needed to talk to Seth. She knew the Wrights meant well but now she was being terrorized at school. It was time for the truth about her past to be told. Seth had to know who had killed Marcus because he said that 'he' took the picture and knife not 'somebody'. They both had to know who had done it or Seth would have said a name. 'I need that name, Seth. This time you have to tell me because he is not stopping with Marcus.’, Tia thought knowing if Seth kept his secret she would never know who was having her terrorized or why.

The latest was a picture of her and Faith in Hogsmeade. She had found it in her suitcase right before she boarded the train. On the back was a note: 'We'll be meeting soon. If you value your friends, Don't Bring Company! Remember I'll know. And Andreas' don't let others take their falls.' Tia had been jumpy ever since. The man who ever he was had at least one person maybe more watching her. That watcher could get presents or messages to her anywhere.

She knew Jayce was worried about how easy this watcher could get to her. Jayce had started having her friends keeping an eye on her.

Tia was more terrorified then she had admitted to her friends. She was sure that the watcher was a student and was most likily on board. She just wondered what would happen when whoever sent the watcher decided it was time to meet. Would playtime be over or just beginning?

Tia's Mysteries: Starting Post

Tia could not believe that Mrs. Wright had not answered any of her letters. She would ask her why when she saw her. Tia had to tell her cousin Jayce and Miley that she had to go back to St. Francis' for Christmas. When Tia left the school it was with the promise that she would write her friends.

During the long train ride. Tia had the feeling she was being watched. 'Seth will know what to do.' ,Tia thought. 'First the board comes up missing and now this.'

Tia could not wait to see Seth Wright again. He was suppose to be meeting her here at King's Cross. 'Where is he?' ,Tia thought starting to get worried. 'Maybe he's just running late?' ,Tia realized. 'I don't even know what he does when he's not helping at the Orphanage. What if he works for the Ministry?' ,Tia thought deciding to wait for him. She decided to sit near the entrance so she could see him as he come in.

Tia's Scar That Keeps Bleeding: Starting Thread

Tia was glad that the teacher had come. While Chris Newcastle was taking her to the hospital wing, Tia started wondering how the others were fairing. She could not believe how many had come to the signal for help. Tia looked at Chris and said, “Thanks Chris. My stubbornness could have gotten me in real trouble back there." She hoped Chris would understand what she meant.

Tia thought about how dumb she had been. When that Centaur had come and attacked, all she saw was another bully picking on her friend. She didn't think that he might have a good reason for doing it. Chris was levelheaded in how he dealt with the Centaur.

Tia looked at her leg and wondered why a very old scar would keep opening up. She had gotten the scar on her right leg when she was very young. It kept opening up and bleeding at the weirdest times. Tia did not even remember how she had gotten the scar.

Tia looked again at Chris and thought about how him and the rest worked together so well. 'I wonder if maybe we can do what we did today again.’ Tia thought as she comes up with an idea. 'We could work together to help each other and other kids.' She said to Chris, "Do you think that what happened today can happen again? I mean us coming together to help each other and maybe even other kids? What do you think?"

When Tia had finished talking, she realized they were at the hospital wing. She also noticed for the first time her leg had not quit bleeding on its own.

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