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Though we can never be perfect we should always look for opportunities were we can change
Someone has said "The only thing constant in life is CHANGE".
Do our mental growth ceases at a particular point of time?, Are we perfect?, Can we be perfect? The answers to all these queries are NO. Reluctantly, any person or anything in life can't be perfect. There can be views varying from person to person but 'universally perfect??' Ummmm. I need to think. There is always a scope for the growth, for the betterment or for the improvements and up-gradations.
This concept is very much important and should be inculcated into our life for our self-improvement, mental growth and to reach the destination of universal perfection.
I am highlighting this topic because recently I met many persons who think that why we need to change, what we need to change, what we will be after a change? But actually daily life activities gives us lots of opportunities to change ourselves but we need to search for it. We simply ignore all the opportunities because our mind asks us the questions mentioned in the last sentence. But these are the qualities of a negative thinker and our objective is to become a positive thinker.
We should keep our mind free and flexible so that we can think lucidly and change ourselves as soon as we find scope for it. But, first of all we need to realize that we need to change, we must know what we need to change. This can only be done when we analyze our daily actions and events with respect to good and bad and then what we will discover that we have a lists of things to change in our life. There is no other rule to be perfect.
At this point of time it is important to mention that this path towards perfection is a destiny-less one. What I mean to say is "till the last day of our life we will have something in us which we need to change". If I don't say this than I will contradict my own point described in 1st paragraph.
Out of our daily events some are good which makes us happier, but unfortunately some are bad which makes us sad, keeps our mind stressed. What we need to do is catch those bad events and think why it is happening. "What is there in me to change so that I eschew those events to happen again in my life?". I am sure after such a thinking we can relieve our stress and even avoid the events to happen in our near future.
These are not easy tasks and we need to practice hard to think in this way. This point will be elaborated in my next writing.
Never stop your self-improvement and never deviate from the path of universal perfection.
Be happy and keep growing mentally.
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