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An Erotic Horror story written in the Visceral style - my take on the Vampyre mythos.
Sexual Appetite
By Stephen A Abell

Number of Words: 2992

She was excited. The moistness was forming within her vagina and she knew it would not take long before it seeped onto her panties. This thought alone heightened her excitement. She wrestled the incessant urge to move her hands towards her aching clitoris. The fine short hairs on the back of her neck were erect as sheer, rapture-filling, electricity flowed through her body in enticing shivers. She let out a soft moan.

“Are you all right dear?” The woman sitting beside her inquired.

“Yes,” she exhaled, all too sultry for this type of inquisition, but she could not help herself, “I feel fine.”

The woman tutted in disgust, sensing or scenting her neighbour’s desires, and twisted in her seat so her legs jutted into the aisle, her back to the strange woman.

Rosemarie was not offended by this in the slightest. People had always considered her different. They were right; though they did not know it. The woman beside her would depart the bus at the stop after next, while she had another seven before arriving on her street. This should give her enough time…

Looking down she was shocked to see the fingers of her left hand over her crotch. The taut material of her skirt was the only thing keeping them away from their target. Since the woman had turned away and nobody was looking, she brought her knees in slightly, allowing the skirts material to sag. Greedily her fingers pushed down into the slight valley while the palm of her hand ground down upon her mound. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on not letting herself go altogether. It would not pay to be charged with indecent exposure on public transport.

Damn, it felt so good. Here she was, sitting on a crowded bus heading home from work, her hand massaging her pussy and rubbing her clit. The juices of her sex were running freely. Undoubtedly there was a dark stain growing on the pretty red panties she had put on this morning. She could feel the warmth of her juices run between the crack of her arse cheeks towards her arseho…

She snapped her eyes open feeling her neighbours bum leave the seat beside her. In the air were the stirrings of a rich and thick scent… her musk.

Looking at the older woman through the coach window, as they passed on, she noted the look of sour disgust on her face. Rosemarie felt saddened at this, and all the more lonely because of it.

The loneliness was a near constant thing. There was her friend and confidant Jacob to keep her company, though a needy and loving tabby was not the only company she craved. Sometimes she wanted and hungered for human company. At the office she worked with twenty other women and five men, and then at night she had her excursions with the Salvation Army, trying to help the homeless and destitute. All these people were mostly strangers to her. The fact she was different kept her apart from them.

However, there was one blessing… She was not ugly. Had she been hit with that particular stick then satisfying her lusts would have been very hard indeed. And speaking of hard… Across the aisle and at the front of the bus, three seats down from her sat a gorgeous young man. She estimated he was in his early twenties, though age was the farthest thing from her mind. What mattered was the movement in his jeans.

Even at this distance she could see the growing swell at his crotch. Looking up she met his eyes and instantly knew he wanted her. She moved quickly. Snaking her hand through her handbag straps, letting it rest in the crook of her elbow, she rose from the seat and smoothed down her skirt then sidled out from the enclosure.

She could feel the wanting stares of men, and the envious glares of women.

Unblemished make-up free skin made her face glow with an inner radiance; deep lapis blue eyes complemented her natural beauty; painted luscious red lips pouted with sensuality; long flowing blonde hair curled provocatively around her face, over her shoulders, coming to rest on her ample bosom; all her blouses and dresses dipped low to show of the soft and creamy skin of her cleavage; her waist narrowed to exaggerate her curves; she favoured pencil skirts for they clung to her rounded bottom and shapely thighs; well defined stockinged legs always led down to high heeled stilettos.

As she swayed towards the gentleman she could see the desire in his eyes had become craven lust. This would make him easier to ply to her needs and desires. Climbing the single step to the side seat, she turned and sat down next to him. The heat coming from his body warmed the bare skin on her arms. She took the handbag from her right arm and dropped it on the free seat to the left. Now with her right arm free she dropped her hand onto the man’s knee, unconcerned of the stares she drew. Slowly, she traced a long decorated nail up towards his crotch. His breathing quickened, becoming shallow. She glided the nail across his thigh onto the straining mound at the crotch of his jeans, feeling it jump and twitch a couple of times.

“Fuck,” he whispered hoarsely.

She let her hand drop and curl around the denim covered and engorged penis of this stranger. Giddy with excitement, her desire fuelled and drove her onward.

Leaning in close, her lips tickled his earlobe, she whispered breathlessly, “You’re coming home with me and you’re going to fuck my brains out with this monster cock.” She squeezed his penis for emphasis.

“Fuck yeah!” The stranger coughed. Embarrassment instantly crimsoned his face. The extra blood in his cheeks did not diminish the size of his manhood.

The tip of her tongue curled out of her mouth and slid wetly into his ear. His groan of ecstasy could be heard at the rear of the bus.

Rosemarie had not known how quiet it had become until the bus erupted into a sudden hive of conversation. Disturbing and hurtful words buzzed and echoing throughout the coach: Whore: Slut: Disgusting: Shameful: Nasty: Dirty: Slag: And what seemed like a thousand other derivatives.

The bus pulled to a stop though no bell, nor buzzer, had sounded, and no passenger waited to board. The driver, a tall portly man climbed from behind the wheel and his stature grew ominous and powerful. “Right you two.” He beckoned to Rosemarie and her stranger amore. “I want you off my bus. I’ll not be having any of this lewd and insidious behaviour disturbing my passengers. Off!”

Looking out the front windscreen, Rosemarie smiled. They were only one stop from her usual departure point. “Come on,” she said gaily and tugged her new fuck-buddy’s arm. “I only live ten minutes from here.”

Silently the young man followed her. As she squeezed by the scowling driver, she pushed her breasts against his chest so he could feel the hardness of her nipples. He began to stutter and spurt incoherent noises, and then she was gone and sashaying seductively down the pavement, her newfound lover beside her. His right hand tightly grasping her left buttock.


“Nice apartment,” he said in dull and uninterested tone, as the door closed behind him.

“Yes,” she agreed as she lowered herself to her knees, pushing him back against the closed door, “it is.” Her hand quickly worked the zip on his jeans and slithered inside and up, towards the top of his underpants. She could feel the material start to strain as the blood began to rush once more to the object of her desire. Grasping the waistband she deftly pulled it down, allowing his hard stiff cock to jump free of its constraints, into the air before her face.

“Damn, you are a big boy.” She teasingly pulled back the foreskin and licked the glistening purple head. The crotch of her panties must be so wet now; soon her juices would start dripping to the floor. Her hand took a firmer hold on his shaft and began to move back and forth. This was one big dick, it must measure around nine inches and it was so thick too. For a moment she doubted she would be able to get it past her lips. Her worries were unwarranted, the pre-cum lubricated her mouth messily and his large cock slid in effortlessly. It was a perfect fit.

“Oh shit,” the man above her nearly yelled, “that feels so fuckin’ good!”

She held his pelvis back as she began to work her head back and forward. She could feel the warm saltiness of his cum filling the small remaining spaces within her mouth and start to trickle toward her throat. She was a dirty whore. A fuckin’ dirty whore, blowing a stranger in her flat. Fuck it felt so good being such a nasty dirty slut. Her body was alive with the mounting sexual tension; her need and her hunger cried out.

Forcing her tongue between his cock and her lower lip, she began to lap at his wrinkly balls. He fought to thrust his pelvis forward. She retracted her tongue and braced herself as she let go of his thighs. His hands immediately clamped around her head, holding it still in a vice grip, as he started to rocket his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Oh yeah you fuckin’ cunt! Take it all, you bitch!”

This was her first time face fuck, and strangely she found herself enjoying it. She was being used, as the fucking slut she was.

“You nasty stinky whore, swallow my fuckin’ cock.”

The excessive hard and rough thrusts of his cock, to the back of her throat, started her gagging. In seconds she was coughing up strings of phlegm and saliva. She could feel it push up her throat, into her mouth, out her lips, to splatter down onto her blouse and bust. There was loads of it.

“That’s it you nasty cunt, gag on it.”

She felt a string of sticky mucus explode from her nostrils and the corners of her eyes to cover her cheeks.

“Shit yeah!”

Her eyes were watering.

“Fuck yeah!”

She was finding it hard to breath.

“Take it you whore!”

Yet he would not stop. There did not seem to be a break to his hard fast rhythm.

“YEAH, come on, come on!”

Though worried about suffocating, she was more alive than she had felt in years. There was something primordial in it.


Suddenly her mouth was empty and her face was splattered by gushes of warm sticky cum.

Silently, he lifted her from the floor and savagely tore the front of her blouse open; buttons flew and pinged off the walls of the hallway. He grabbed the front of her bra and pulled each cup down so her breasts were open to view. He slowly massaged her spit and his cum into the flesh in slow circular motions, teasing her nipples, making her sigh softly. Lifting one breast slightly he bent and took its firm nipple in his mouth. His tongue and teeth played expertly with her erect flesh and she felt the climax flow through her to flood her cunt. Rivers of satisfaction ran down her inner thighs.

Pushing her up against the wall, he rubbed his spent ejaculate into her face, pushing it towards her mouth, where she sucked and lapped at it greedily; just as she knew he wanted her too. From the kitchen came a petulant meow.

Jacob padded into the hallway; tail raised in a warm and friendly greeting.

“You have a pussy?” Her cum-giver asked rhetorically.

“I have two,” she exhaled sultrily pushing her skirt down and stepping out of it. He smiled lasciviously as she flung the ruined blouse to the floor and stood before him in just her pink lingerie and stilettos. “And they both want feeding.”

Turning, she walked toward the kitchen. He watched her from behind. She was strikingly beautiful and devastatingly sexy. The black stocking and red high heels made his limp cock twitch, as it started to grow for round two.


Once Jacob had been fed, though he only nibbled petulantly at the proffered dish of food, Rosemarie led the climax maker into the bedroom and undressed him.

“So,” he sighed, “don’t you want to know my name?”

“No,” she replied bluntly, “it doesn’t matter.”

Stunned, all he could muster was an exasperated, “Oh! Right!”

“Don’t feel to bad though,” she cooed, “it’s nothing to do with you, it’s me. I’m a loner you see. Like my independence too much. As for my desires, well I satisfy them when the need arises. Besides, if I got to really know you, odds are I probably wouldn’t like you… so you wouldn’t be getting fucked right now.” She looped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and slid them down to reveal her shaven vagina. Even from his place on the bed he could see how excited she was; the cum dried and cracked on her thighs, brought him to an instant hard, her enlarged clitoris would be an easy target for his tongue.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist. Taking his manhood in her hands she rubbed it over her silky mound, loving the feeling of flesh on flesh. Slowly she raised herself up onto her knees and began rubbing his swollen purple head against her clit and labia. The hard point of her clit pushed into his pee hole and he sighed as a little cum spurted upwards onto her skin. She ground her clit in a little harder, opening the entranceway a little wider.

He could see she was brimming with sexual excitement and tension in this moment. Her eyes were hungry, her body shook and shivered in anticipation, and her juices were flowing down the shaft of his cock. He could not wait to for this babe to ride his magic stick. In his mind he fought the urge to climax again.

Suddenly and sharply she impaled herself on his cock.

It was too much, he spunked as though there were no tomorrow.

There would be no tomorrow for him.

Something coiled around his penis and began to constrict. He howled in pain as another forced its way into his body through the eye of his cock and coursed through the urethra. He could feel his skin being shredded from within.

“You’re such a bad boy Robert,” her silky voice cut through the pain. “You killed your neighbour’s dog; broke its legs, doused it in lighter fluid and set it on fire. Your poor sister also had to suffer your insanity and desires, as you sneaked into her room at night. Now, you creep into your girlfriend’s mother’s bedroom so you can jerk off over her face, while sniffing her dirty panties.”

“How the fuck could you kno…”

“I told you I was different.”

Her nipples burst apart into little pink flowers and flew from her breasts, on flesh coloured tendrils, towards his face. He knew instantly what coursed through his urethra and now split to enter his bowels and genitals. His abdominal muscles spasmed and cramped with the strain and white hot pain flooded his brain. It felt as though he were coming and pissing constantly… he was being drained.

The pink nipple flowers scraped their way inside his nostrils and he screamed loud and long as they quickly rushed down his throat towards his lungs, kidneys, and stomach; scraping the wet flesh away in their progress.

Rosemarie rode his manhood hard as he bucked in pain below her. She could not stifle her groans and wails of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Anybody who heard the commotion would just think they were in the through’s of passion.

Inside his body she drank and ate heartily of his organs and fluids. This is what she forever craved. Ever since being stranded on this beautiful planet, eons before, this was her gourmet banquet of choice and need. Her cravings were etched within her very being. Her body required theirs to survive. How could she ever say no? She could not. She would not.

Besides, the feast was so ecstatic, the juices always flowed. The bed below the thrashing bodies was awash with her sticky orgasms as she leant forward to end this miserable human’s existence.

Though falling into the oblivion of death he watched as her nails extending before his eyes. She brought them to the sides of his head and pushed. They cut through the flesh and cracked the skull easily. Slowly, she began to scrape away at the delicious brain. Just under each fingernail tiny holes sucked the flaked matter into her body for her delight and digestion.


An hour later and the human’s fluids and organs were fully devoured and she was satiated.

Jacob startled her as he jumped up onto the bed and meowed at her. Gently stroking his fur she spoke to him tiredly, “so you want your foodies now, I suppose.”

He answered with an eager meow and butted his head against her naked breast, humanlike once more.

“Okay,” she cooed to him, “here you go.” She kicked the empty flesh and bones off the bed onto the floor.

She listened to Jacob chewing, gnawing, and ripping the flesh from the bone as she drifted towards sleep. In a couple of hours, she knew Jacob would be down to the bones. The crunching and grinding would probably wake her, as he worked his way to the marrow of the bones. The only thing left would be the eyes. Neither of them enjoyed the eyes. She would throw them out the kitchen window into the courtyard, where the foxes, cats, or rats could enjoy the not-so-tender morsels.

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