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A funny moment.
         Have you ever had those “What the heck?” moments in life, when something that was “in-the-loop” just happened and you weren’t in-the-loop? Most of the time, it’s me and my buddies putting people through those moments, but there are those rare occasions when somebody else is having an in-the-loop moment and we’re not in it.

         Take a recent moment for example, when me and my best friend\twin were in newspaper, during sixth hour, in the computer lab in the basement. We were sitting there, typing, trying to control the inevitable sugar rush that comes from marshmallows and energy drinks, when all of a sudden we hear from the hallway, “Shove it up your ass!” Do you know how incredibly random that is, to hear a girl shout that?

              There’s this insane senior we know, and immediately my friend says, “That’s Filaree.” It’s just her. We don’t have to hear her voice to know, we just know, because no one else would randomly shout in the high school, “Shove it up your ass!” Only Filaree. We all love her to death, which is partially why an insane girl got nominated for Homecoming Queen.

              Now, I’ve started thinking about all the “what the heck” moments people have gone through because of my best friend and I. Take the Taco Bell lady for instance. My friend and I were really hyper one day, pumped up on Whip Cream and Cheez-Its, which, in fact, are really good together, and we went through the Taco Bell drive-through in emo clothes, heavy makeup, and little girl’s piggytails, jamming out to “Barbie Girl”, and singing for all we were worth. The Taco Bell employee got our orders wrong twice because she was staring at me and my best friend in the back seat. I don’t think it helped any when my brother told her we were two random hitch-hikers they picked up…

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