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She knew he must pursue her to survive the Culmination. Was love still what they shared?
He could smell her – that unmistakable scent that drove him. She knows I’ll come. Damn her. Like I have a choice.

“Man the cannons. They’re close.”

“Sir? We haven’t seen…”

“Lieutenant! I said man the cannons.”

“Yes, sir.” The lieutenant backed away as the commander bared his teeth.

The first salvo fell long, but they had dug in and his troops didn’t rattle easy. They returned fire. The cannons savaged the enemy’s exposed lines and they advanced. He spotted a tent behind the lines. That’s where she’ll be.

His army cut down the enemy and the thirst grew with him. He entered the slaughter and savagely clawed five men apart as their feeble attempts became their last.

Tired and blood dripping from his elbow he entered her tent.

“Hello, my love.” She smiled. “What kept you?”

“Don’t patronize me. You know why I’ve come.”

“Of course, the Culmination.”

“Why do you run from me? You take lovers who attempt to protect you. All the while you know.” He glanced at the bracelet she wore which matched his own.

“It’s the chase, my love. It’s the only spark we have left.”

“You think I still love you? You believe we’re still mates? I come because I must. Now, let me have what I need.”

She slipped from her seat and ambled over to him. Her arms slung around his neck, and she kissed him. He pushed her away and bared his fangs. He examined her supple neck with multiple scars.

“Your blood sustains me until the next moon.” He sunk his fangs into her.

“Your bite makes me immortal. Well, except for the Culmination every blue moon and that other method.”

She felt his body tense from the stake that impaled his heart from behind.

“Lieutenant. Glad to see you again.”

300 Words
Flash Story Must contain: Bracelet, Rattle, Elbow
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1713046