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Little Stacy went out trick or treating...
The street was crowded with children, knocking on their neighbours' doors to trick or treat. There were cute, little witches, their black cloak decorated with simmering glitter and silver stars. There were also many Frankenstiens, Draculas and a great deal of skeletons, running about the street, that Haloween night.

There was also a girl whose mother made her go out wearing a costume of a fluffy duck. Stacy scowled jealously as she saw the other children trying to scare their parents and neighbours. The adults would pretend to be frightened and the child would be fussed over and given more sweets. Stacy's mother made her enter boring Mrs.Watson's porch and knocked on the door for her.

Mrs.Watson opened up and Stacy forced herself to say "Trick or Treat" politely to Mrs.Watson.

"Letitia, it's so nice to see you!" exclaimed Mrs.Watson as she saw Stacy's mother. The adults hugged and started discussing Stacy's status at school.

"Such a naughty little thing. She doesn't want to go to her Maths private lessons, nor her English! What am I to do with such a girl? "argued Letitia.

"How old is she? Nine? So she does do exams. What was her Maths mark this year?" asked Mrs. Watson.

"Eighty - five percent. Isn't that a terrible mark?!"exclaimed the mother, wavering her hands.

Mrs.Watson let out a torrent of exclamations.

Stacy looked out and saw a dimly lit cottage right opposite Mrs.Watson's house. While the adults were busy criticising her school work, Stacy crept away, and knocked on the door of the cottage.

"Who's there?" came a voice from inside.

"I am Stacy Edgerson," said Stacy.

"Oh come on in!" said the voice.

The door opened up with a creak and Stacy stared uncertainly at an ugly bent woman. The woman's skin was somehow, a strange shade of green, her long nose covered with disgusting warts. Her right eyelid was covered with more of those revolting, hairy balls as well, which caused the lid to droop on the eye. However, the other eye was well opened, and it showed a glassy, green eye. Her mouth stank, her teeth a revolting yellow and brown, her tounge twisting around her few remaining teeth, and salivia rolling out of her mouth. Her hair was long, greasy and grey, matted and tangled as if she had never washed it. Her nails long, pointed and dirty. She wore a faded dress, the ends frayed and torn.

"I think I meant to knock on that lady's door," said Stacy uncertainly, as she pointed to Mrs.Watson's house.

"Oh, I have lots of sweets to give you," said the woman, as she pointed to a beautiful table, decorated with a glittering table cloth. Silver dishes full of lavish sweets and mouth-watering pastries lay on the table. Stacy entered the cottage and delightfully ran to the table. She grabbed a cake and was going to put it in her pumpkin bucket when she heard the woman laugh evilly. Stacy looked at the cake and saw it turn slowly into a horrible large cockroach. The cakes turned into more of the disgusting insects, the sweets into earth worms. Dozens of buns turned into disgusting maggots, the cherry tarts vanished and were replaced by revolting slimy creatures which moved slowly on to the ground, leaving a trail of green liquid. Stacy screamed as she tried running away from the slowly approaching insects. She felt them crawl up on her body, cockroaches crept up on her costume's tail, worms on her face. She wanted to scream but if she did, dozens of the cursed insects would enter in her mouth.

Stacy ran around the one roomed cottage as she struggled to get rid of the nausiating insects which clung to her like leeches. The woman gave out a horrible cackling laugh, which sent shivers running down Stacy's spine.

Stacy rolled on the floor and heard the disgusting crunch of cockroaches being squashed.She rolled under the woman's table, which was still laden with disgusting insects, falling off the table and landing on the floor with a small thud. The woman's head separated from the body and landed to the floor to watch Sally fight against the insects.

Sally suddenly couldn't see clearly. She stopped rolling and rubbed her eyes. When she opened her eyes she found herself in a small built in room, full of skeletons. Sally looked down to the ground to hide away the sight of the hundreds of skeletons stuck to the walls. She also noticed, she was wading in thick red, liquid. She was wading knee deep in BLOOD.

Stacy looked up and saw the haunting face of the woman rolled down. There was a splash and the woman's body was to be found floating in the scarlet liquid. Stacy closed her eyes and screamed.

When she opened her eyes she was still in the room. The nine - year - old child looked at her ruined halloween costume and at her yellow bucket which was supposed to be full of sweets. Instead, it was brimful with slimy maggots tumbling on top of each other into the pool of blood. Stacy threw her bucket away with a scream. The maggots sucked the
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