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by John W
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A very short story based on one of my favourite characters, hope its okay. 18+
(Author's Note; This is not a story about Jade, my favourite character, more a taster of her life, its very short, would like to know what you think)

I stared at her; she was beautiful, even in the darkness and gloom, I could see her bright green eyes shining, I could feel her devil red lips, soft and soothing, brushing against mine. I ran my hands through her silky thick brown hair, and stroked her lips softly with mine.

She lifted herself against the wall, wrapping her legs around me; she was light, and her legs soft and smooth, her dress came undone almost to the touch, and my trousers fell down without me even feeling her hands undoing them. Plunging my tongue into her throat, I started rubbing my clothed crotch against her exposed vulva, she groaned, our tongues battling in each other's mouths.

Suddenly I was naked, standing with a tower of muscle looming over her shaven vagina, we embraced our mouths in a passionate kiss and she pushed herself down, her body consuming my flesh. I whimpered like a puppy as she started to pleasure me with her movements, as soon as I regained control over my hips I began to thrust forward, returning the favour.

Both of us fought with a series of lightning fast, calculated thrusts before I finally gave out and burst, collapsing into a heap on the floor. She lay, gasping for breath; but I knew it was all an act. White semen had covered her thighs and groin, and she crawled over to me, kissing me once again. She left, and almostly instantly returned, clean. Taking the money I had left on the table, she dressed herself in that emerald green dress, and winked at me.

"Same time next week." She said, it was neither a question nor an order, it was a statement.

She poured herself a scotch and downed it before leaving the appartment. I sat, exhausted on the soft cream carpet, reliving every moment I had spent with her, before getting up. I smiled, and hobbled back to my bedroom for a good night's sleep.
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