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18 years after the fall of Voldemort. It's Draea Malfoy's first year attending Hogwarts.
"Remember," my father told me, "Pick your friends carefully, and don't get to friendly with any Griffindor's or mudbloods."
"Draco," My mother scolded him, "Your daughter knows well enough how to take care of herself. You don't need to go around telling her who she can and can't be friends with. She knows what's good for her, and what's not."
"And that's all well and fine, but I don't know how I could survive the shame if she gets all close with one of Potter's kids or the like." He spoke his enemy's name as if it where a diease he didn't what to foul up his mouth by speaking of.
"What if I get into Griffindor?" I teased
"Then I will kill you," my father said in such a tone of voice that a stranger might interpret as being serious, but I knew he was kiding. Although my parents would be pretty upset if I actually did."
"Don't be silly," my mother told me, "Of course you'll be in Slytherin, just like all the rest of your family." Truthfully, I would rather be sorted into Ravenclaw, although I would never tell my parents, and Slytherin wouldn't be that bad either. I grown up being told I'd be sorted into there, that I was going to make a wonderful Slytherin, and things like that. Personally, I'd be pretty upset if I got into Hufflepuff, because my father was always saying, "Hufflepuff is where all the worthless people go." and since my parents would disown me or something if I got into Griffindor. So that left me with limited potions. Not that I'd get to chose, the sorting hat would decide everything in the end, but it seemed like Ravenclaw or Slytherin where the two houses that wouldn't totally ruin my life.
Although my parents wouldn't be delighted if I got into Ravenclaw, they'd get over it.
"Drea," my brother, Scorpio whined in my ear, breaking my train of thought, "You do know how unfair this is. I should be the one going."
"Why, because your so much older than me?" I asked sarcastically.
"I donno," he said, "It just isn't and I'm...cooler than you."
"Oh really," I said laughing at my brother's flawed logic.
I turned to my parents, grinning, "Well, I guess this is it."
My mother started to sniff, "Don't cry mum," I said, giving her a hug, "I'll be back in a few months for Christmas, unless you decide you don't want me anymore."
"I'll always want you," my mother said tears actually starting to come out of her eyes (wasn't I supposed to be crying. The little first year, crying and her/his parents telling them to be strong, instead of the other way around).
"Mum, you know I was joking," I told her, and not sure what to do, turned around to say goodbye to my dad.
"Goodbye," I told him. He gave a still nod. I don't think he ever learned how to say goodbye properly, wherever he had to say one it just resulted in an awkward silence. Eager to avoid that I grabbed my trunk and the cage with my barn owl, Salamander (my brother named him when he was 8 and thought Salamander was the coolest name for an owl, he has since realized it's not), bid a last farewell to my family, and hopped on the train.
My trunk was really heavy, and I got stuck trying to get it on the train.
"Do you realize your blocking the way and I need to get through? So if your going to just stand there forever, MOVE and let me through." Someon said rudely.
I turned around, "Excuse me?! Who are you"
"Armardus Avery. NOW will you move?"
"Do you happen to have a realitive by the same name, that your named after maybe?"
"Yeah, my granddad," he said suspicious, "Why? You got a problem with it?"
I looked at him for a second, "My grandfather knew him. From back when Voldemort was powerful. They where both Death Eaters."
Without waiting for a reply I gave my trunk one last yank, and pulled it up onto the train.
As I walked down the train I heard him call, "Hey you, what's your name?"
"Draea Malfoy," Armandus said something but I ignored him and just walked faster.
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